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Welcome to Haranyan news

Hello welcome to Haranyan news! Here we will be discussing the latest roleplay developments on the east side of Wynn, Archeage! We will be including news articles, interviews, and other articles to catch you up on what you may have missed! As a out of character news site we will be archiving the thoughts and relationships of notable characters for the new players!

Although we can’t give much information about what has happened prior we will try to update on new happenings in the world of Archeage! Please, stay tuned. Our first article is in the works!

Site is maintained by Lengwu, message in game or on discord to get your article uploaded! (Any help is appreciated!)

An hour of the palm (2/9/2020)

Here is todays sneak peak into what’s going on, from what I can piece together kora seems to be affected by something, the speed dating (the night before) seems to have gone badly in most cases, only 2 out of the 8 or so people enjoying it (I mean getting almost killed and drama, etc does that). Overall intresting

Leng arrives!and looks around the bar
The seats from the night before, speed dating, were still here
tsurae was in the corner seemingly looking at the books
tsurae sits down at the bar
there were 5 figures in the bar, renshien, tani, tsurae, patient song, and gale. Sitting in that order
Zazussa and kora don’t seem to be working the bar today
Perhaps upstairs?
The one looking through the books ask the warborn if she can sit, the warborn to her right being patient song
The bar seems to be up in talks about the festival, likely talking about the valentines event
Gale is blushing while tlaking to renshien, about something last night (the speed dating event), A possible relation?
Renshien seems to like the thought of a festival where people are happy
Gale starts talking about intercourse and how it’s a act of power and control with pain to renshien, leng is very confused about what is happened at the night before
Tsurae looks for someone working at the palm, no one is currently here
Patientsong is confused (?) about how gale characterizes “intimacy”
Renshien does not agree with gales description of what intercourse is but he says he can’t speak to what gale has experienced himself
Patientsong seems to be abit tense, she grips her teacup
Gale was sold as an orphan to a painter, he seems to have had some less than desirable experiences
tsurae seems to agree to what gale says, the power and control section. She grins
Patientsong seems to be sympathetic to gale
Gale seems to be glad that he is alives
fraxinus, a nuian arrives
renshien tells gale that his experiences aren’t how it’s supposed to be, as everyones experiences are different
Patientsong finishes her tea
renshien greets the nuian, who replies awkwardly
Tani starts to zone out
Vrekka arrives taking note of the inside of the palm
The staff seems to still be gone (?)
Wanderer is here with vrekka
Gale tries to question wanderer, Friendly like, Wanderer stutters and backs away bumping into a wall
Tsurae seems to enjoy the power struggle, thinking it’s part of the fun
Gale looks at wanderer with “puppy eyes” and ask if he did anything wrong
Tani waits for zazussa to come back
Tsurae plays with her cup
Tani is bartending??
Patientsong orders tea from tani
tani ask for frax’s order
Wanderer seems to have thought that gale was going to hit him??
Fraxus orders coffee
Renshien ask for water
Gale seems to be hurt that he thought wandy thought that he would hrut him?
Wanderer seems to be worried because of “what happened last night”
–> possible referal to “power struggle”?
Tani seems to not enjoy working at the bar
gale doesn’t remember what happened last night after wanderer stopped playing piano
something intresting / confusing seems to have happened as wanderer does not want to explain
the drinks are delivered
tsurae ask if song is selling her sword (mercenery work)
Renshien introduces himself to frax
Tani wonders if kora and zazussa are okay
Patientsong seems to be more or less okay
Gale has more questions to ask wanderer, they seem awkward
wanderer is still not comfortable
vrekka shakes gales hand
tani notices it’s almost time to leave
ren shien is first name last name
Gale ask if wanderer wants to sit
fraxinus blushes, elves seem to only use one name?
vrekka is body guard of wanderer (protective boyfriend?)
Tsurae compliments song’s outfit, wondering if she’s been eating
ren seems to be educated by the way he speaks and has a family name, he is a supporter of multiculturism
Patientsong says that adventuring is enough to feed her
Wanderer tries to explain to vrekka stuff about yesterday
Tani glares at ren
Gale offers to sit at the back booth, with the two “loverbirds” as gale called them sititng across from eachother
Renshien enjoyed lastnight it seems
Wanderer sits in the corner against the wall
Vrekka sits next to wanderer adjusting his weapons
renshien ask what they did not enjoy
Wanderer is still shaken
Tani is drinking on duty
Gale tries to ask wanderer if he can help ease his nerves, that was more important than the questions
Wanderer seems to just be… nervous?
Tsurae says that in her tribe that you must be useful to eat “No one will feed you if you are useless” to patient song
Renshien seems to be very social, he can understand the distaste though
Renshien ask what tani thought of the event
Tani says the event was boring for her, guessing the after event was more fun
Gale is not sure why wanderer is nervous
gale ask for wanderers name
he seems to have heard someone refer to wanderer by a name but wasn’t sure
Wanderers name is vahn draren
Tani sighs needing to leave, she hops over the counter leaving
Gale’s thoguhts were confirmed
Gale ask wanderer if he has a brother, wanderer says it’s complicated
Kora yells for tani to finish her shift
Apperently gale has met someone with green hair which wanted to kill gale
Zazussa goes to finish her shift
“Miahn” – wanderer ?
Kora heads downstairs
zazussa seems to turn away from wanderer when she notices him, how confusing?
Wanderer seems to have been taken control of by “miahn”?
Patientsong welcomes zazussa back
“anima” – more wanderer terms, likely alternate personality or something
kora’s cheek and neck seemed to be covered in long black marks, something is wrong?
Zazussa appologizes to song guessing that tani took over
Wanderer is worried about kora it seems
Gale seems to be sad to wanderer and sad to kora
A black monster gave kora those marks, she doesn’t elaborate more
Leng leaves, an hour of the palm is over for todayy

An hour of the palm (2/5/2020)

Today I spent an hour at the palm, between 9 pm est and 10 pm est, It was quite fun! Love is blooming, Bears are fuming, And i’m still alone :^) Won’t go to the date auction though- Leng

Leng attempts to poison lysander
Zazussa and tani greet eachother flirtingly
lysander orders sake
leng orders water
shesmetet enters and looks for a seat
shesmetet sits on the corner between leng and lysander
Leng greets shesmetet
Shesmetet is cheerful
Lysander ask shes’s name
Tani drinks shandy
Drinks are delivered
Khoshekh arrives
Zazussa ask for sheshmetet’s orders
Khoshekh already has his drink
tani is quiet
lysander greets khoshekh
lysander has been mentioned to shes by wanderer
khoshkeh greets lysander
Lysander and kho are friends
Kho likes lysander’s coat, shesmetet agrees
Kho raises his glass at lysander
Lysander is bashful at shesmetet
zazussa goes to make herself a sandwich
Lysander has been given trait “dashing” by Shesmetet and Khoshekh
Lysander blushes
Shesmetet orders cactusflower tea as zazussa makes a sandwich
Tani agrees with the title and gives lysander a teasing flirt and wink
Zazussa’s sandwich is left unmade 😦 a true tragesty on the level of the earthquake prior
Khoshekh orders coffee
Zazussa gives the drinks to shesmetet
Sandwich is finally made 🙂 all is right with the world
There is a a event over the weekend for speed dating, leng will not be participating
shesmetet has heard about speed dating events but never thought about doing it herself
Lysander ask more about it
gale enters with his black bear cub
zazussa is keeping vigilent watch of the patrons as she fears a ladybug, or perhaps earthquake
The registry for speed dating is likely to help refugees
samaela arrives and sits next to leng
tani notices gale and ask about his new friend
zazussa makes the usual for gale
bear is nameless
gale sits on a invisable seat
lysander is suprised by the bear
Gale says bear is skinny but its giant
cub nuzzles tani
tani pat
leng ask sam how her practice has been going
Lysander wants to pat bear but ask
Sam tries to order tea, she ask what kind of tea they have
gale allows the pat
Lysander gives bear attention
Leng has been ignored Mario game over sound
Sam does not know what the practice leng is refering to is
Leng explains and sam says she’s always reading
sam is learning to read without magic!
Gale is grabbing lysanders arms to force him to pat
zazussa makes tea giving it to sam
This is lysanders first time near a bear
Sam Thanks Zazussa
tani says the bear fits gale
gale says that the bears mother (now dead) was big, and starts to cry thinking about what he’s done
Shesmetet reassures gale
zazussa wants to give bear snacks
Gale gives her permission
Lysander ask gale what happened / what he did
Gale says it gives him nightmares and gale says kuyo called him a runt, bear needs to be fattened up
Shesmetet explains that the mother was corrupted by necromancy
Sam is intrested upon notice of what they were talking about
Lysander says food is good way to bond with animals
zazussa gets two sea bass’ and a jar of honey
lysander pats
gale recounts his story
shes ask sam who she was noticing she’s looking over at them
lysander says that the bear is in good hands now
Gale says that kuyo said that the bear may get infected too! And then says that ONOURIS may be able to help take care of him
Shesmetet and Samaela react badly to the name drop
Gale does not notice
Lysander Does not react happily either
Tani doesn’t mind the name drop
Eujene arrives !
leng greets and waves at eujene
patting giant bear time over
Bear is defensive about food, being use to fighting for it
Shesmetet ask if lysander is going to the speeed dating event
Leng is greeted back by eujene
sam greets eujene
Zazussa notices eujene
Lysander is busy and doesn’t want a date but may be able to make it later
Lysander seems to be a shy boi
Eujene walks over to sam and leng
Shesmetet gives a teasing comment to lysander
Samaela notices the lack of eujene having a scarf
Gale has giant shield and hugs Eujene
Eujene greets gale
Leng ask samaela if she was sure this was eujene due to his lack of scarf, joking of course
Lysander does the big bl00sh
Samaela takes the joke semi monotonely and leng awkwardly disengages
Gale tries to introduce eujene to his bear
Samaela never jest
Leng offers sam a snack, popcorn!
Eujene says the bear is cute
Zazussa does her job amazing as always
Sam rejects leng :((((
Tani is very quiet but happy as she watches zazussa work
Gale winks at eujene and looks into his pouch for something, he mentions how eujene looks “cold” (where da scarf?)
lysander says that he will join as long as he can support the palm and actually doesn’t need to date
Shesmetet says that it’s a 5 minute date thing so it’s not actual dating to lysander
Eujene gets chai tea from Zazussa
Leng mentions how he needs to leave and leaves
Gale drapes a scarf over eujenes neck, it smells like lavender!
Before leng leaves he hears zazussa talking with tani, he smiles at how cute it is
Tani is suprissingly cute and is just relaxing, she giggles at zazussa (OTP)
Eujene has reclaimed his scarf! All is right with the world
Lysander says bye to leng

Open palm 1/22/2020

A very long post for you folks, this went for 3 hours before closing due to zazussa’s shift ending. Onouris gale, and dariuss sapha + lorrik continued talking after (will not be further documented)

Khoshekh arrives! he has bottles of alchol
leng tani and zazussa are already at the bar
zazussa laughs in the face of danger
tani calls zazussa addorable and zazussa calls her out for a pass!
khoshekh brings bottles in, he seems to be helped by seia, a tiny person
tani is shocked by the counter and retracts her flirt!
khoshekh is impressed by seia
seia knows that she is strong
apperently zazzusa has a nickname from tani which spreads for calling her pretty or cute alot!
tani is blushing from zazzusa’s observation and pats her cheeks a few times! she is glad that zazzusa has been distracted
shesmetet arrives
zazzusa notices the blushing! how observant!
leng says that their relationship is cute and tani grumbles when shes takes away zazussa’s attention! is she jealous!?
zazzusa gives shes her cup of drinks
shesmetet ask how people are doing
seia manages to be obtrusive
tani says to shes that she’s doing good
leng says that he’s doing well because his student is getting along well with a cute girl
zazussa manages to dodge seia wondering if somethings wrong with her
shesmetet looks at the person who said hECK, khoshekh enforces language
tani threatens leng for saying what he did
leng says that it’s someone else- maybe
zazzusa is questioned about her wings
sapha walks down the stairs with dariuss arm in arm with new clothing and shoes
tani threatens leng more
dariuss is indeed holding sapha on her arms greeting everyone
leng pouts to tanis threats
zazussa says that tani seems to be comfortable with her presence
dimeo arrives and looks for a menu
sapha breaks the arm hold and walks over to the bar and waves to zazussa, she wants to hug him but is unable to do so
dariuss seems sad that the arm hold is broken, but suprised that it lasted so long
tani says she trust zazussa because of course she would (having a heart of gold)
Khoshekh drinks
Zazussa says that her words were still valid at how close they’ve gotten (her and tani)
shesmetet glances down the bar at the new person (Dimeo)
seia wonders where the musicians (wandy and north) are!
khoshekh looks at the beach
dimeo ask for rum
tani contemplates her life for a moment
dariuss ask sapha how comfortable she thinks the armor is and glances over at everyone
zazussa ask if dimeo wants a single rum
shesmetet sips her tea
dimeo ask about the cost but agrees to the single rum, the cost is 15 silver but the tab can be held, zazussa is willing to create a tab if he cannot afford
seia pokes a key
shesmetet looks at seia
sapha looks at her armor and shrugs before waving to leng
dimeo agrees to the tab
leng waves back to sapha
seia slams the keys getting back to work (?) of whatever she’s doing
zazzusa goes to deliver the drinks and looks over to dariuss and sapha asking what they’d like
darius advertizes his armor to the bar
sapha stands up offering zazussa a hug
dariuss ask for greenbeans
zazussa hugs and kisses saphas head asking if she wants rips of steak
shesmetet looks at seia
tani yawns and listens in
seia leans on the walls near shesmetet
sapha has no money so she looks to darius wrinkling her nose at the sound of vegetables which she will not eat
zazzusa says that greenbeans will be 10 or so minutes
dariuss orders for sapha asking her what she wants
shesmetet and seia talk
sapha tries to motion what she wants
shesmetet says that she is alone
dimeo frowns at the rum
zazzusa says that sapha wants ribs
khoshekh stares at the bookshelf titles
darius calls sapha or zazzusa (it’s not clear) little angel, and says there will be ribs, he orders ribs
shesmetet ask seia how she’s been
sapha seems happy by the ribs
dimeo looks for any stains on his clothing
sapha does not say anything to the question of drinks
seia says she’s been working too much
khoshekh looks at books more and pulls out a cover to look at it
seia claims the seat
lorrik arrives nonchalantly
dariuss orders red wine
khoshekh’s clone (well look alike) arrives named lorrik!
sapha waves to lorrik shyly and happily as he enters
tani looks at lorrik
seia says that she needs to not work work ?
lorrik takes what he wants from the cabinates without asking
shesmetet says “i see” and then “i think” to what seia says
seia has two jobs
zazussa ask lorrik to make a rack of ribs for sapha
shesmetet ask what seia’s other job is
seia responds saying devigard
lorrik says that he will as long as there’s enough meat in the basement
shesmetet says she’s heard “devigard” (i think) before
dimeo frowns looking to his right at seia and shesmetet
zazussa says there’s indeed enough meat
dariuss ask sapha if the advertizement for the comfort armor needs work
sapha gives a nod agreeing that it needs work
shesmetet says she’s heard of it from someone and looks through her journal
lorrik goes to make the ribs tapping sapha as he walks past
dimeo says he has heard of devigard with “who ~hasn’t~ heard of devigard”
sapha blushes as she gets passed by lorrik
dimeo says that it’s a club for children when their parents work, a daycare
dariuss agrees that he should add more convolution to his advertizment
seia looks offended at dimeo
zazussa says that lorrik will cook for sapha and dariuss
dimeo is stared at in confusion by shesmetet
zazussa checks on tani
seia seems offended greatly, seia has broken speach
two haranhi men walk into the bar sitting in a bench, they seem to be related to dariuss
tani is relaxed staring at the ceiling with a small grin
dimeo groans in annoyance
zazussa ask if tani is thinking about her, saying that she wouldn’t be against it (leng ships~)
lorrik cooks
sapha stares at dariuss with a flat eyed stare
dimeo tells seia to calm her tits and calm down, he doesn’t know her
shesmetet scowls at that statement
tani stammers and seems confused by how flirty zazzusa was being
dariuss makes a playful grin at sapha
gale says that it’s a busy night as he walks in sitting at a far away table with his sketchbook
seia squints at dimeo asking for him to explain
zazussa has read a book on flirting, she then looks at dimeo saying he should take it outside since she doesn’t like to throw people out
sapha looks dreamily at lorrik… or more accurately at his ribs (steak, of course!)
shesmetet say’s that there’s no problem… yet
tani ask what book zazzusa was reading which taught her about flirting
dimeo says that he just came for a drink
dariuss hands sapha a handkerchief
tani ignores the drama
seia ask dimeo if he’s disguised
zazussa has read “dating for dummies”
dimeo wonders why seia is talking to him
gale looks at the crowd nervously as he starts making a scortch on some wood (drawing materials?)
Seia scowls and calls dimeo a stupid fuck man
lorrik washes the plates and cooks the ribs masterfully
khoshekh is lazily watching the room
tani blinks not sure if zazussa is joking about the book name and just drinks
lorrik is a masterful cook ?
shesmetet ask if seia knows dimeo
zazussa refils tani’s cup, then says that there have been 5 or 6 signs of intrest!
zazussa gives a open ended flirt
seia says that dimeo may be related (or be) jinero, the devigard boss.. she is embarassed being caught red handed by her boss
shesmetet looks at seia and then dimeo
zazussa goes to serve gale
tani is stopped by awkwardness and drinks her fourth shandy
sapha takes the hankerchief shoving it into her pockets
gale is burning the stick at his table and orders tea and something to nibble
dariuss says that the hankerchief is for messes
dariuss points at her
zazussa ask what kind of tea he wants and if he wants a meal of fruit and cheese
tani walks upstairs wobbly
lorrik is as always a expert
shesmetet ask if devigard is pirates
dariuss wonders if the pocket bacon should be replaced with pocket popcorn
seia says that the boss dresses like a pirate anyways
gale wonders what kind of food will get him a green color
sapha shakes her head and looks at the handkerchief
tani sits on a sunchair on the balcony getting comfy
zazussa goes to cook
dimeo ask why he got up frowning
dimeo walks over to gale asking if the servers comming that way
dimeo is standing next to gale
sapha is tracking dimeo’s movment
gale introduces himself as a painter to the man brightly
zazussa moves around lorrik expertly as she makes food for gale
seia seems mad?
shesmetet wonders why seia’s boss is acting like that
dimeo introduces himself to gale as dimeo
zazussa delivers gale his food
gimeo ask for a refil from zazussa
tani falls asleep
seia says that jinero (her boss) always smile and is cool
zazussa gives dimeo a nod
dariuss tells seia to think about it
seia says her boss is not a fuckman
gale thanks zazussa
lorrik finishes up cooking and gives them the food
sapha is enticed by the ribs
zazussa gets rum for dimeo
dariuss continues talking abotu his popcorn pocket cooker
seia wonders why dimeo has a fuckboy haircut and when asked if it’s a wig says that she saw skin, not wig
zazussa ask dimeo if she should leave the bottle
gale starts painting
zazussa looks over at gale
dimeo shifts in his seat getting comfy
sapha waits for ribs egerly
gale is traveling light apperently
jinero has the same haircut as leng
shesmetet wonders why everyone has ponytails
seia is not sure why shes called it a pony
zazussa continues being a good bar worker
lorrik continues being overly fancy with his cooking
dimeo looks at gales canvis
seia says that her boss is a human and not a pony and does not have a tail
shesmetet imitates leng and explains that the hairstyle is called aponytail, seia says its a stupid name
dariuss is sad about his idea not being approved by sapha
khoshekh gets more drinks to drink
gale starts drawing with the charcoal stick
seia ask what the word in firrian is and shesmetet says it in firrian
gale has been scared of traveling lately
sapha considers dariuss and wrinkles her nose, she thinks the best snack is a apple!
dimeo is not sure why gale is scared and ask
dariuss wonders if a popcorn pack would be better
zazussa refils the drinks, leng’s is full even though he’s been sipping it slowly
khoshekh sips his drink
dariuss sudgest having a apple pack
seia repeats after shesmetet’s pronounciation of ponytail in firrian
gale says that 3 of his friends killed another friend of his, he got hurt and that’s why he’s scared. He tries to change the conversation
kuyo steps downstairs taking his hat off to wave the smoke away looking around
sapha empty’s the wine wayyy to fast, like grape juice
sapha thinks that a apple pack is a good idea because it’s a good fruit
shesmetet pronounces it again {ponytail but firrian}
leng meets kuyo’s gaze
dimeo seems intrested and ask more about gale’s situation
seia pronounces it right, shesmetet is happy
gale notices kuyo and waves excitedly
shesmetet grimices and looks away from kuyo
shesmetet is frozen by kuyo debating something
khoshekh drinks
lorrik continues cooking
kuyo glares at leng before glancing at gale
gale wonders why he would be pissed like dimeo sudgest
dimeo explains that gale should be angry
gale says anger solves nothing
dimeo says angery is good
kuyo is cautious of dimeo and steps over the counter
kuyo dariuss and onouris are in one place! villain hangout
sapha offers kuyo a apple
dariuss stares at kuyo
zazussa wipes things and does barmaid stuff
dimeo ask what came back from the dead
zazussa says that sapha will get drunk if she keeps drinking so much
kuyo senses something as he turns to the right
gale says his friend which dies is a necromancer and game back
sapha looks nervous at kuyo still offering the apple
zazussa ask kuyo what he would like
lorrik is still not done with his ribs
it’s been over an hour
khoshekh drinks as always
gale is incapable of emotions
shesmetet drinks her tea
seia wonders where her fuckboy boss was
kuyo spots the apple and rots it, in sapha’s hand
kuyo orders a lemon shandy and says the bar is smelly looking at sapha
dimeo says anger feels good
khoshekh looks over his shoulder wincing,
sapha wilts dropping her apple and slumping, she is sad
zazzussa goes to give kuyo his drink
khoshekh’s ears droop as he gets a vial
seia ask what’s happening as she’s given food
dariuss says that some people are just dicks and sapha shouldn’t worry
zazussa kisses sapha between her ears
gale has been abused due to anger so he is conditioned not to
lorrik explains the food to seia who does not seem to know what it is
dimeo ask gale if he practices martial arts hearing “master”, i believe gale means a different kind but sure-
sapha seems to brighten up getting ribs from leng
khoshekh’s table gets invaded by kuyo
khoshekh says he doesn’t want food
gale says he paints and gets beat up
zazussa leaves the bottle at the table
dimeo ask why gale gets beat up
khoshekh grits his teeth and ask what brings kuyo to said table
dariuss thanks lorrik
seia looks at zazussa and shes confused
indeed the weird men who came in seem to be working for darius as they feed him]
gale seems to have been a slave / orphan when he was younger
littlewolf ocmes in, she has a stabalizer and looks around standing in the doorway
zazussa ask shes and seia what they would like, shes ordering a whiskey
kuyo says that kho shouldn’t feel honored and that he’s only there because it’s full
seia orders vodka
shesmetet pushes her half drunk tea away
lorrik ask everyone to enjoy their meal
zazussa gets the drinks
khoshekh ask what kuyo wants
lorrik cleans what he used, zazussa whispers to lorrik that there’s more meat
kuyo says he only wants a seat to enjoy his drink and then throws his meat out the window when no ones looking
seia tells shesmetet that they drink
zazussa is a good bar tender as always
khoshekh seems to be stressed as he sits with kuyo, his jaws tensed
kuyo tries to make small talk
seia hisses at the burn of the vodka
shesmetet drinks and downs her whiskey
gale is drawing dimeo
zazussa ask if she should leave the bottles for seia
khoshekh say’s that the staff is fine with 2 poeple
shesmetet looks around the room
seia says yes to leaving the bottle, slurring
khoshekh say’s that he needed a break from cleaning up the barrels which broke from the earthquake
sapha finishes one plate of ribs and looks to the second wondering if she should eat it
lorrik is a idiot and sees sapha’s distress at having too much food as wanting more! leng disapproves
kuyo studies the marks on kho’s face
zazussa walks over to little wolf
sapha starts to down her second plate, having a third
zazussa ask if little wolf is here for pleasure of buisness, she say’s she’s just here for buisness (littlewolf)
seia refills her glass and drinks it
lorrik is cleaning up the food
shesmetet ask if seia wants to her to ask
khoshekh ask where kuyo is from
zazussa looks around
seia scoffs at shesmetets words but agrees for her to ask, shesmetet ask what her boss’s name was again
littlewolf says that if zazussa needs help she can
seia says her boss’s name is jinero
dariuss tries to offer his armor to leng
leng stares errily at darius
shesmetet goes over to ask
gale continues to draw
zazussa agrees to a break
kuyo says he comes from silent forest, he then says that kho’s mark is familiar
shesmetet greets dimeo
dariuss says that leng is probally too poor to afford it
leng just stares at his water silently
littlewolf calls the chef who takes hours too cook fancy pants with a suit
seia say’s “stupid fuckman” again
dimeo greets shesmetet saying hi
khoshekh says that kuyo probaly saw it a month ago
lorrik is introduced to littlewolf as a excelent cook
shesmetet explains that she’s here to ask questions for her friend seia
littlewolf sstarts working
zazussa finally gets a break
kuyo gives a ominous smile and agrees to khoshekh
dimeo does not answer shesmetets questions asking gale if shes is one of the people gale is afraid of
dariuss offers to sell a lower priced model to leng and leng just stares
dariuss laughs to himself and says of course leng would buy it, and compliments leng for conversation
sapha forces herself to continue eating the ribs
leng takes the extra plate and feeds it to his cat not wanting sapha to overfeed herself anymore
seia is still drinking and notices littlewolf
dariuss stops leng and leng just stares
sapha feeds leng’s cat food
dimeo ask gale again if shes is one of the ones he’s afraid of
leng continues holding onto lengs arm
sapha pats dariuss trying to calm him down
littlewolf and seia talk, littlewolf calmly
seia ask little wolf if she fights
khoshekh studdies kuyo
gale hides scared
little wolf says she prefers not to fight
kuyo ask which tribeland kho comes from
dimeo say’s that shes is scaring his friend (gale)
shesmetet tries to reassure gale
dariuss lets go of lengs arms and says its bad manners to take peoples food, leng just stares
seia wonders why littlewolf doesn’t like fighitng, since warborn are so strong
sapha gestures to leng and makes a heart, leng nods
sapha sips her tea
lorrik tends to sapha as a bartender
gale shows his spear scar saying he was trying to hug shesmetet
shesmetet’s tale lashes
dimeo says that people have it out for him to zazussa
shesmetet tells gale to not hug people holding spears
littlewolf explains why she doesn’t like fighting but instead labor
zazussa says that it’s her job to keep the peace
darius turns back to his food
seia says she fights and is very strong
sapha smiles at lorrik giving him a bow and blushing
shesmetet says that it was justified killing her brother because he turned into a tentical monster
kho says he has no home anymore
dimeo says that shes sounds drunk
littlewolf ask how much seia fights
shesmetet has had one drink total
zazussa tells shes to save it for another time
gale says even he would protect himself, then retracts that statment. He says what was done by onouris was only in self defnese
seia says that she’s killed many but hasn’t counted
shesmetet says that onouris was like that the entire time and thus she and wandy and friends were justified
littlewolf is impressed by seia’s bloodlust
dimeo shoos shes off
kho further explains his origins
seia flexes her tiny arm drunk
shesmetet glares at dimeo appologizing to gale
khoshekh wonders who is still up north, saying the ebonseekers possibly
lorrik cleans
zazussa gives dimeo a glare telling him not to agitate
dimeo says he was only defending a friend
littlewolf tells seia “nice muscle” before falling quiet
zazussa says that shes isn’t a dog
gale starts to cry
shesmetet is noticed by seia, seia says that her muscles are not normal
shesmetet says that it might have been a shapeshifter stealing jinero’s face
dimeo says that shesmetet was barking like a dog
kuyo comments on the northern region to kho
lorrik gives gale a cloth for his tears
zazussa ask dimeo to enjoy the rest of his night
littlewolf ask if anyone needs a refil
kuyo gives a sly grin and says that he would assume kho is from rookeborn
sapha gives a happy sigh as she kicks dariuss’s chair from under him
gale sniffs and cries
sapha seems proud of herself
seia says that she may have rejoined the freebloods if this is her leader
lorrik wipes the table
shesmetet agrees
kho talks about ebonseekers
dimeo says its never too late for a family and that he left his
dariuss looks at sapha and puts his hands up as he falls onto the floor, his ribs flying everywhere and into leng… who just stares
seia says that she kills for devigard and should be thanked
onouris walks downstairs in a hood
dimeo talks about “blood is thicker than water” and how people get it wrong
littlewolf cleans things up and offers leng a napkin
sapha is embarassed and sits down
dimeo was hit by a rib
onouris greets everyone with a hello
shesmetet is silent
kuyo keeps talking about the marks
leng tkaes a napkin from littlewolf
darius laughs lightly and talks to sapha
sapha gives a happy wave to onouris not looking at darius
onouris greets sapha
dimeo peeks under his table wondering if gale is okay
shesmetet is frozen
gale thinks that the rib was a attack
sapha gives nouris a apple
dariuss thanks lorrik
shesmetet looks at the onouris eyes locked
dimeo says that it likely wasn’t lethal
onouris reverses the rot on the apple making it new again
kho notices onouris and ask if he’s kuyo’s friend
seia looks at robed man
gale whispers to dimeo
zazussa ask if gale is okay
everyone is looking at onouris
sapha smiles and offers the unrotted apple to onouris
dimeo says the bar is intresting
gale whines about how shes might want to kill onouris again
sapha nods to onouris and takes his seat again
zazussa is not sure who gale is talking about, wanting to murder “him” again
seia tells shes to explain
lorrik looks at the apple curiously asking if onouris wants anything, little wolf frowns
onouris orders black tea, no sugar, leng approves of drink
kuyo is distracted before finally forming a connection between onouris and the hooded figure, he stands up from his seat
shesmetet seems shaken and dimeo ask onouris if he’s dead
khoshekh finishes his bottle
seia ask “why” when shes says she can’t explain
onouris says he is not dead
dimeo says that he is not dead telling gale that
onouris ask gale if he’s all right
gale is somehow wondering if he’s bleeding
dimeo ask if every night was like this
onouris observes gale
dariuss motions for one of the haranhi males to do something and that man whispers to the other one
zazussa says that tonight is a calm night
dimeo ask what happened last week
gale only has a bump
zazussa says that it was only a earthquake, redcoats, and also some angry guards
shesmetet tells seia to just leave it
dimeo laughs about the redcoats wondering what that was
zazussa says that she doesn’t know what the redcoats were
lorrik goes over to dimero gale zazussa and onouris
sapha does not notice dariuss’s conversation with her bodyguard, and or she pays no mind
dimeo says this is a movie theatre
lorrik cleans the books
seia whispers to shesmetet wondering what she wants her to drop
onouris heals gale
shesmetet tells seia to stay by her
dariuss seems to be making signs of casting magic
leng moves back seeing said motion,
zazussa says that this is pretty normal
seia wonders if shes is antisocial
gale thanks onouris
dimeo says he’ll be here more often
kuyo studies onouris
kuyo says that it’s been a pleasure and that kho will see him again soon
shes seems on guard of onouris
zazussa holds up the rib saying that it wouldn’t have killed gale, gale is weak
seia glances across the room curious
onouris says its better to be safe than sorry
khoshekh says that it’s NOW pleasure to what kuyo says acting shocked
gale whimpers still not getting over it after an hour or so
lorrik sends kuyo off
kuyo snerks at being called out
shesmetet says she doesn’t want anyone to get hurt anymore
zazussa gives gale a shrug
seia ask what “last time” was to shesmetet, shes just nods
kuyo says that he’s sure that kho is poisioning the drinks
kho calls after kuyo
lorrik tries to appear friendly
darius yells to kuyo that fresh water isn’t poison
gale says he doesn’t eat anything that has a face
dimeo warns of rib projectiles
zazussa tells everyone to enjoy the night
sapha gives kuyo a dirty look
lorrik says kho has been doing a good job
zazussa throws the ribs to cats outside
kuyo waves and leaves
onouris says he has bad teeth
shesmetet starts telling the story to seia… veryyy slowly
zazussa ask shes if she’s okay
little wolf ask if shes or seia need anything
gale says that lorrik is a good cook
shesmetet says she’s not sure if she’s okay
dimeo lifts two fingers to onouris and says “hey”, likely trying to get attention
zazussa wonders if onouris is the one they talked about (at another time)
dariuss says that atleast onouris isn’t looking for people to duel like a weirdo
onouris waves to dimeo
shesmetet confirms zazussas inquiry
zazussa ask if they want anything more
lorrik glances over kho and moves back wiping it down
shesmetet agrees for another drink shakily
seia drinks vodka and ask if she should beat onouris up
gale ask onouris if he’s been feeling better
shesmetet admantly says no to what seia offers, wanting her to stay safe
littlewolf heads outside without a word
dimeo ask what onouris’s story was
sapha wonders if she should join onouris/gale/dimeo’s converstaion
zazussa says that onouris hasn’t caused any problems so seia can’t start a fight
kho ask for a blue bottle from the bottom left
seia says that she works here so she can fight
onouris has broken teeth
onouris says gale probaly already told him and dimeo responds with “his friends tried to snuff ya?”
darius says that if sapha wants more she can just ask him, finally drinking his wine
gale pats onouris
sapha seems content
onouris says they tried, and that they were acting out of fear
shesmetet downs her drink
dariuss ask for a refil for his drink paying for it
zazussa counters with that she works there too and that seia should leave onouris alone
khoshekh thanks seia for getting the bottle
dimeo says that they only got half of onouris (?)
gale says he wanted to get it over with peacefully but no one listened
darius makes a motion and a L with his fingers and points to his guard, darius lowers his hand to the side
onouris says that they only got half and that he listens to gale (UNLIKE SOME OTHER PEOPLE)
seia sips her drink smiling at lorrik
darius says he cannot take free buisness, he is obviously pro capitalism
dimeo looks at the sketch of himself
gale says he’ll keep onouris safe even if he fails trying
dariuss says it’s a tip
onours says that gale will not fail
lorrik says he cannot take the payment
dimeo ask what caused the fighting
dariuss wants to tip
lorrik does cost calculations
lorrik writes down his calculations to the palm
kho reads the bottle text
onouris says that the fighting is because of a family feud
gale starts explaining blushing at being thought of as compitent
kho drinks
zazussa tells lorrik that kora has a safe now for money
dariuss insist on paying
dariuss raised his hands up making a fist and moved it towards the bar tracing the edge of said bars edge,
shesmetet stares at the drinking glass examining it
seia ask if shes wants to go
shes agrees
shes and seia start to leave
onouris says the feud is due to shes’s partner and a disagreement because of it
zazussa thanks lorrik
shes takes the whiskey bottle and leaves the coins not counting them
lorrik says that it’s his pleasure to help
gale keeps explaining what happened and how shes wanted to stab him and gale tried stopping her with a hug (of which he was rightfully stabbed)
kho falls off his stool
zazussa cleans the dishes
shesmetet says her home is in sunbite to seia
darius starts tapping his fingers 2 times, then every 5 seconds, then a 3 second delay, then 2, 4 times total?
lorrik walks out listening in shes and seia’s direction
dimeo says that one of the attackers was onouris’s sister?
lorrik ask the two leaving women for pardon
shesmetet drops her spellbook at lorrik’s call
seia ask what lorrik wants
zazussa cleans up for the night
lorrik starts talking in nuian to seia
onouris says that that’s basically what happened in short
kho pulls himself up using the stool
kho stumbles out of the palm
shesmetet frowns at lorrick
sapha frowns at dariuss and his hand signs
dariuss notices sapha’s frown and ask “what?”
shesmetet notices kho leaving
kho steadies himself on the palms front deck
onouris says surely shes didn’t mean to hurt gale
kho drunkenly wishes shes a good night, she says you too
lorrik appologizes for she’s distress
sapha studdies him with a flat stare before knocking dariuss over
takaris ask if kho is going to be okay
dariuss falls from sapha’s push and his wine goes up and back down onto sapha’s head
sapha catches the glass and looks down giving darius a betrayed look at her clothes, she blames him
onouris explains that they acted out of fear trying (maybe) to explain the actions of shes and friends
shes tells takaris that kho is just drunk
gale says the he also felt afraid but didn’t hurt anyone
zazussa offers a arm to help dariuss
takaris worries about kho
gale says fear is no excuse for violence
dariuss makes more hand signs and a okay sign to his guards
seia says that beer cat (kho) needs water and rest
onouris agrees with gale taking the moral high ground
dimeo drinks straight from the bottle
shes reassures herself that kho will be okay
zazussa wonders who’s pushing dariuss
sapha mimics dariuss’s gestures pulling off the soaked shirt in the bar trying to hide the fact that she was the pusher
takaris ask why they aren’t in the bar (shes and seia)
lorrik tries to take sapha by the arm and starts pulling her upstairs politely
shes does not answer takaris
seia calls shes scardy cat and that she’ll protect
shesmetet looks at seia
dariuss says that rice patties are pushing him
zazussa seems unconvinced
sapha cleans herself with her shirt
gale says pain is a cycle and that it’s your (himself and whoever hears) job to end it
sapha has a bra and alot of scars as she cleans herself off
lorrik pulls sapha up the stairs harder trying to get her out of sight
takaris wonders who shes is hiding from
sapha seems suprised and follows lorrik up stairs happily
onouris gives a reassuring smile to gale
seia ask if it’s okay to punch evil man
zazussa ask if sapha wants a room for the night
gale gives onouris a week smile as he keeps talking about the nature of pain and etc
dariuss goes upstairs and gets a room
zazussa writes that dariuss and sapha are staying
sapha steals the tiny raindeer off snowglobes
takaris enters extremely late
lorrik gives sapha clean shirts
leng waves at takaris
sapha picks a shirt
takaris and leng whisper to eachother
dariuss goes downstairs and makes weird motions to his guards and circles and etc
onouris says he enjoys meeting gale friends
dimeo says if gale ever needs help he can call dimeo
sapha is not sure why she needs to get cleaned
lorrik helps sapha get clean
dimeo pays gale a gold for the artwork
dariuss ships sapha x Lorrik?
onouris and friends talk about non lethal subduing technqiues
lorrik is gentleman
sapha glares at dariuss’s comments
zazussa keeps bar tending
sapha makes rude gestures at darius
dimeo starts to leave thanking zazussa for dinner theatre
zazussa ask if dimeo wants to pay his debts
gale smiles with the gold having food for the next few days
onouris offers to send gale food
lorrik is good parent and or lover of sapha (i can’t tell at this point)
zazussa says dimeo owes 50 silver, he pays with 1 gold telling her to keep the change
gale says he’s use to small meals (starvation)
zazussa waves dimero off happily
onouris sudgest eating more due to his weakness
dimeo says he might come again
zazussa ask if onouris and gale want anything more before she goes off duty
onouris uses magic to eat (?) the steak to its bones
end of notes at 12:00 est

Major event summary: earthquake, 1/19/2020

Underinspection by the reporter known as leng we at haranyan news blog have found that the earthquake which hit today on the 19th of January has been caused by earth elementals. A possible connection to the reaper and before it the opened lure full of rot. We are unsure if there is a valid connection but investigations are underway. Today during the regularly scheduled palm meetup on sunday, labled as “sunday funday” a earthquake hit mahadevi, prior to this a mysterious flammable fluid made of corpse and rot was found to be inside certain lures. When burned a reaper was summoned and soon after the quakes were felt. Our reporter on the scene shall speak

Leng: “it seems from my investigations that no one has seen the reaper other than me, however the effects of the earthquake have been observed to have been from agitated earth elementals, the damage seems to waver from large to small amounts of damage likely due to this not being a real earthquake. Some bottles are still preserved inside of the palm and anything held down should remain in tact. Looking over the nearby buildings only the most rickety fell but the damage is severe to those who fell.”

Reporter leng had been looking for any survivors inside of the wreckage earlier and can safely say that the local area of the palm has been mostly cleared, the sand likely caused slightly more damage due to it’s shakiness as a foundation but we warn citizens to be on the lookout for future tremors. Those who are near mahadevi may notice some small rumbles but they seem to not be large enough to be fearful of, stay safe and this is haranyan news. signing out


Palm earthquake 1/19/2020

Alot has happened in the palm today, it seems as though a earthquake and a reaper have been spotted. A conspiracy about the lures uncovered, and a community devastated… Who caused this?

Leng arrives at the open palm, he smells like blood due to the events of yesterday still. He greets takaris asking how yesterday’s dungeon was treating her’
takaris was standing next to kora
Zazussa was cooking, the smell of food and friend fish can be smelled strongly
Kora leaves the place not liking takaris
takaris seems to be slightly tired from the night before at the dungeon
tani walks in and greets zazussa who is tending the bar, zazussa ask if they would like tea
leng says that it was quite hectic but they’ll get the dungeon next time once they get help
takaris says that no one else will do it so they’ll have to do it eventually
tani seems to like tea
leng offers a seat
zazussa starts making tea
takaris sits next to leng across the table
zazussa ask what they’d like to drink and leng orders at water and takaris a cup of water
zazussa ask if they would like any food
leng seems to be in his armor still explaining the smell, armor took a while to clean and it’d likely be in use again later
leng order plain rice
kora walks into the palm frowning but nods to zazussa
Gabriel talks in nuian
zazussa nods and gestures to a table with lit candle, kora rolls her eyes at lengs order
takaris slams her hand on the table wanting to tell someone something
zazussa seems to be a happy bar worker who works with a smile, good ratings from leng
kora starts working the bar with her hair tied back, tani comments on it
leng ask takaris if she has any plans to avoid petrification in the future
takaris sudgest moving and using pillars, leng counters said idea due to the fact that he was petrified before he even turned the corner !
kora sips coconut ale suspiciously, looking around at the door
zazussa ask what gabriel would like to drink, gabriel ask for something light
gabriel the nuian seems to normally drink ciders
takaris seems to have borrowed leng’s set of armor yesterday, however it doesn’t seem like either’s could protect against the petrification
kora is supprised that leng and takaris know eachother, leng explains that they kill things together
zazussa is as always a good bar tender (10/10 – lgn)
takaris continues the explanation by saying they kill undead which leng says are fun
tani listens in on the conversations
leng sighs because he can’t gas everyone in the dungeon on account of them being undead
takaris seems to be using rusted weapons
zazussa delivers food to takaris and leng
leng thanks her, so does takaris, enthusiastically
kora mentions that there are alot of westerners
leng mentions that eujene is a healer they could try getting to help
gabriel seems not fluent in haranyan yet
takaris ask where they could find eujene and leng mentions zazussa, who is also teaching him
kora ask if gabriel is a merchant coming through austera
takaris mentions how everyone seems to be leng’s student “only a few” leng says
leng goes to the counter to ask zazussa if she knows where eujene is, however leng waits for her to be done with her work and free
gabriel seems to just be a traveler
shesmetet enters, her snow lion runs through the wall (;3 only leng can see this)
kora glances at leng who is sitting next to her, leng offers a smile and a wrist wave
shesmetet orders cactusflower tea
zazussa goes andp its another kettle on
kora wonders where leng’s cat is, saying that he left it at home in a questioning tone, leng says that it’s probaly around here watching
gabriel says she’s just exploring
zazussa finishes the cactus tea
kora looks unsettled by hearing that lengs cat is here
leng ask if he should call it
zazussa serves the tea to shes
gabriel flicks a penut out of the window curious
shesmetet thanks zazussa and pays for her drink like a good person
kora grimices and says she’d rather not, before walking over to shesmetet trying to stop talking to leng clearly offput by his cat
zazussa gives gabriel a warm smile saying that everyones accepted here
after zazussa is talking to everyone leng ask for eujene
shesmetet ask if kora knows the ones who caused the fire
gabriel pays for her drink confused that shes was paying before the drinks were drank
zazussa hasn’t seen eujene in a few days since the herb farm fire
tani continues drinking her drink listening
kora and asmeret and zazussa seems to have found some kind of shard (pink rock!), it seems related to the fire and a lure?
zazussa explains that alot of people pay differently
shesmetet says she bought some of the lures kora mentioned
kora takes the pack and walks away distracted
leng walks back to takaris telling her there’s no luck in finding eujene
gabriel appologizes for her confusion
kora takes out on of the lures and turns it over in her hands searching
zazussa offers to take the money now if gabriel prefers
gabriel says she isn’t fluent yet
leng offers to ask “my horse” to look for eujene
takaris says its like chasing goose and leng nods
zazussa reasures gabriel by saying that she’ll stick her boot up whoever ass she needs to
gabriel laughs and tani smirks at the comment
kora looks up with a frown
zazussa has small feet, she thinks
tani looks over at kora confused
leng reminds zazussa that she has a exploding arrow he gave her
kora shows tani the lure
gabriel says small feet would hurt
takaris needs to go outside for a minute
tani inspects the lure
zazussa says that peanuts are for eating not flicking to gabriel
shesmetet seems to be thinking about something
gabriel comments that the palm is a good place, shesmetet agrees
gabriel mentions this is her first time seeing nuts at the bar
kora tries to open the object with banging but fails, she tries using her nails and fails
leng offers kora the use of his dagger
gabriel wonders if anyone plays piano
zazussa says some do but she doesn’t yet
tani watches kora try to open the lure failing
gabriel mentions the “yet”
shesmetet mentions the regular musicians aren’t around anymore
kora takes the dagger and tries to use it, putting it into the grooves
gale arrives scooting into the corner trying to be stealthy
zazussa mentions how leng is teaching her to read and how she was trying to learn everything
zazussa notices gale and walks over to him,
shesmetet winces at gales arrival looking down
zazussa ask gale what he wants
kora opens the box a smell of rot spreading
shesmetet cringes
due to the smell kora drops the box over the counter, splashing liquid, leng opens the windows and zazussa starts flapping her wings to move the air around
kora getting hit in the face leans out the window
leng mentions how rot creates a flamable gas at times, asking zazussa to turn off the fires
kora takes deep breaths throwing them outside
shesmetet throws up over the balcony
leng ask kora if he can destroy her gloves, they had fluid on it so leng wanted to test on them
north enters walking over to the piano casually
leng shoots a fire arrow near the gloves to see if they were flamable
shesmetet mentions that she’s been throwing up for a while
tani pinches her nose and walks over to gale
the gloves burst into weird color flames, purple and violet, leng mentions how if he had not sudgested to turn off the fires they may have died
gale complains why everything happens around him
zazussa cleans the floor holding her breath
kora ask for bleach or alchol to help clean, leng ask to just light it on fire and control with water magic
kora is against setting her bar on fire,
leng helps clean the bar with zazussa not waiting for permission,
tani feels abit better breathing in the fresh air
gabriel dances with northlight who is playing piano
gale whimpers because of smoke fire and murder being everywhere
takaris enters not noticing leng
leng cleans and stands up telling takaris that he’s trying to clean the place
kora pinches her nose as she cleans
tani mentions to gale that none of the murder smoke fire etc has happened here confused
leng goes outside and burns his armor, heat treated and metalic mostly it’d be fine
zazussa and kora are on cleaning duty
zazussa ask kora what that was, leng says it’s probaly some black magic and kora says it’s likely
gale does not like stink bombs
leng mentions that the smoke smells better than the fluid itself
kora is suprised that leng is burning his armor, leng says he’s fought fire breathers before so it’ll be fine
kora sets and burns incense in a room possibly full of flamables
zazussa helps kora do that and kora throws the cleaning stuff out of the window
leng shoots a steam arrow causing air to rush out of the bar
kora is pushed out of the window by the air pressure
kora swears at leng, leng says it atleast doesn’t smell anymore
kora hops back into the window and shesmetet walks downstairs
gale sneaks back in
tani says it smells better mentioning that it’s never dull here
leng ask if they can confirm that the fire was caused by the lures
kora says it might have been a accident and leng mentions how it was suspiciously a perfect circle, kora frowns saying the lures aren’t from mahadevi
gale looks at shesmetet and shesmetet crumples a little
gale gets a drink from kora, a whiskey
zazussa replaces the drinks and food
leng says that fish tend to avoid rot
kora says that the drink is free to gale because of his patheticness
shesmetet ask for salt water to clean her mouth and wash out the t
north lights a sandalwood candle
kora mentions how she imagines leng doesn’t see alot of things, leng passes over his notes of the fire (and only the fire)
zazussa hands a honey ale for gabriel and one for north
north says beer is manley
kora takes the notes
kora ask leng why he isn’t the one looking into this, leng ask if it’s a offer to work with her
tani ask for something strong
north says he doesn’t teach anymore (piano)
kora rejects leng’s offer saying it’d be a headache
leng offers to give kora notes if she ever needs them
shesmetet seems to be uneasy hearing what leng said
zazussa serves dragon spit, a green liquid, to tani
leng puts his armor on, now smelling like smoke instead of blood or rot
tani wheezes due to the strength of the drink
monarch jumps over the counter to hear northlight play music
zazussa says that warborn are good at drinking so dragons spit is strong, “not much in the world can knowck a warborn on their ass”
the animals start acting weird, making noises and sounding fearful
tani seems satisfied
tani makes a connection between the lure and the commotion, shesmetet grows tense
leng walks outside getting ready for battle
northlight says it’s his cue to leave and leaves
lengs cat fades in from nothingness to follow leng
leng stands out the door looking towards whatever may be comming
the earth seems to be shaking – lengs cat
leng tells everyone what his cat told him, and that something might be coming
things start falling as the vibrations grow closer, things start to shake and things start to fall,
a wraith appears next to leng and leng gets away quick
shesmetet gets out ready for battle after leng,
tremors become visable
tani gets out ready for battle
everyone goes outside, assides from gale who whimpers under a bar stool
leng mentions to wraith as a promotion of death to everyone
zazussa pulls gale away from his hiding spot towards the outside
shesmetet thinks its a earthquake
kora says this isn’t rookborne!
leng says that it’s likely not a earthquake due to the reaper
things to shatter and the walls crack
tani remains calm
gabriel prepares for battle
leng sudgest to get away from the palm and kora follows, shesmetet and everyone else agree and start making it out away
koras room has collapse
gale is clinging onto his warborn
zazussa and gale get up, sligthly more battered than before. leng cast healing onto them sorry that he can’t do more
zazussa flies up to search for vantage
shesmetet says it’s a earthquake!
the trembling lighten
leng runs off to help the people elsewhere, in collapsing houses while healing
the trembles finally stop
gale wished kuyo was here
kora is shocked and horrified at the palm in shambles
zazussa seems shocked as she lands, wondering what it was
small aftershocks still remain
leng comes back doing all he could asking if they knew who made the lures or why the reaper was here
kora does not see the connection between the lures and the earthquakes and goes off to help telling leng to be useful
leng looks around and tries helping
tani and kora go look at the house
zazussa babies gale lifting them up
kora ask if leng does healing
leng says he was already healing
kora sees two firrian digging, leng provides life support and tells kora to help them
there’s someone burried, leng gives kora his dagger to help dig as he continues healing
kora uses lengs dagger as leng’s cat walks through the rubble
kora and leng find a young woman hugging her dead husband, shesmetet found a young woman and runs up to them
leng starts to help heal more creating a first aid station
leng and kora split up to search two houses
leng doesn’t hear or find anyone and helps kora
kora hears 3 children and lengs cat locates them helping dig
they recover the three children, one unconcious and 2 hurt, leng shoves some potion into the unconcious child’s mouth
they run back to the palm and leng starts healing everyone there, a family enters, a mother carrying a child crying
leng tries to heal them, gale is crying in the corner
zazussa is at the palm trying to help
zazussa seems to know ressurection!
kora starts doing first aid
shesmetet arives with a armful of suplies
leng encourages zazussa
shesmetet and leng and kora provide first aid
gale says his head is hurt to kora but says he isn’t important right now, there are worse people
zazussa leads the family to the corner
leng cast a mana share spell onto zazussa to help her recover
zazussa wonders what causes this sitting next to gale
leng uses snipe lightning as a beacon to call people to the palm, they couldn’t afford to search lest the people they saved be in more danger
gale feels like he’s cursed because he never gets a break
things start to calm down as kora brings people upstairs
tani keeps watch ignoring the people comming upstairs, annoyed
leng thanks zazussa for healing/ressurecting
everyone has stabalized
zazussa ask leng to make camps outside due to the dwindling space and leng complies going outside to create camps
tani ignores the people not noticing kora who stares at her
zazussa helps a man fix his broken leg
shesmetet continues helping where she can
tani notices that no one is dying and looks out to the ocean
zazussa says to use the spirits for antisceptic
shesmetet sudgest vinegar
kora notices that most bottles are broken so she searches for whole ones
zazussa has finished fixing the mans leg
shesmetet sudgest bleach as long as their careful
leng enters and cast light healing, zazussa reminds him to help upstairs too,
kora gets some rubbing alchol to help
tani starts giving comforting words to the refugees
zazussa goes outside to help the camps, leng had already stabalized but they needed more tending
to zazussa’s suprise leng made a fully working camp, people seemed to be getting better and staying warm
leng sudgest sending someone out to get supplies since they couldn’t wait
zazussa offers to go out and get stuff from the blue salt with her tractor,
kora agrees with lengs sudgestion
leng offers zazussa brings his cat since it would be able to get back in case something bad happened
zazussa says she can fly, just is tired
kora agrees on the tired part
leng helps everyone regenerate their mana
tani walks downstairs sitting down quietly
leng goes to ask around to see if anyone else had seen the reaper, using his good reputation for helping to leaverage any extra information
zazussa cooks and leng goes to scavange for more stuff
kora says that tani should be willing to share that chair and tani ask “with who?” and a snicker
everyone seems down in the dumps
kora means herself when she said “share” but realizes there’s others who would also like the chair
zazussa starts heading out to mahadevi to see if there are any supplies
kora wishes her luck
tani ask if the hot springs rent out cabins
the scene fades out

mahadevi only got small shockwaves,
no one’s heard anything about the reaper
under investigations leng has found that the earthquake is connected to earth elementals
the bait is thought to be connected to the reaper as rot is good bait for undead/death type creatures only

Herb farm fire summary

Here are my notes everyone! i’ve taken them durring and after the event so the order of things may be abit messy, Here should be everything i’ve gathered from my time running between everyone – leng

Leng appears for a party, the area was tidied up by the supervisor prior but the smell of a farm could seldom be hidden. Hands clasped the supervisor, a large man with a tangled beard tries to show respect as he waits for the royal court inspector to arrive. Laborers continue to work but they glance at the guest and food, likely in hunger or something else. A large harani man walks in and glances around, looking disapointed
sapha seems to be a worker of magicorp (dariuss)
Zazussa works at the herb farm
alyeis seems to be in workers garb but seems to not be a farmer
hwan watches everyone
shesmetet is noble and graceful in her blue clothes
hwan seems to think there are alot of firrian guards, does he dislike firrians
alyeis and hwan advertize food
zazussa has worked here since her master was murdered
hwan does not seem to be a manager due to not knowing she worked there ?
sapha does not offer people fruit! she is too intrested in the new foods!
there is shouting behind the closed door of the buildinng, it’s muffled though. Alyeis and the other guest do not seem to mind as they eat and talk casually
asmeret arrives and pokes zazussa
sapha is greeted by shes and happily waves back
sapha seems to be a mess – shesmetet observation
zazussa seems to be working not minding the yelling
the shouting dies down
asmeret has finished finding the info that zazussa wanted from her
alyeis places out cups
wanderer and kora talk, wanderer seems nervous as he weakly greets kora. Followed by servants… followed by servants
eujene has been working in the crowd but joins in
zazussa does not remember asking asmeret for anything but looks at the information anyones
kora and eujene seem awkward,
leng calls for eujene
“she’s” oversea, – asmeret mysterious information
sapha finally realizes that she’s messy
wanderer and kora seem to be in conflict, kora looks at wanderer sligtly annoyed (?), she crosses her hands as wanderer leaves the servants behind, a ew words are heard as wanderer tries to ask for understanding?
Kora gives wanderer a hug!
zazussa does not know why said person is in aurora
eujene is distracted by the crowd and gets sniffed by the leomorph
wanderer wants to go home
khosekh is always a master of drinks
asmeret and zazussa seem to be friends
alyeis passes out cheeses and epensive stuff
eujene has some leomorph patting or interaction
khoshekh’s attire is apperently traditional
kora keeps hugging wanderer telling him to eat some food
zazussa tries to find something to do, clearly bothered by something
khoshekh has fancy pants
hwan does seem to look down on firrian
wanderer seems to have been busy lately
khoshekh drinks wine
eujene wonders why leng is here, leng does not know
kora is not sure why wanderer feels like he’s not “free”
wanderer can’t hurt “those people”? (his families company?) but wants to see vrekka, where’s vrekka?
kora makes a beeline to food breaking conversation
khoshekh calls wanderer “wayward green bean”
shesmetet seems to be shocked at wanderer, stuttering his name as he stares
eujene is confused at lengs reasoning
kora is supprised they don’t know eachother
dariuss has left armed men near the island and vrekka has been stuck at said island?
wanderer seems to be suprised as he’s forced to eat and shesmetet
sapha, a worker at magicorp walks over to wanderer, eating things
zazussa walks past the crowd moving things
neither wanderer or kora know the fate of vrekka
asmeret thinks khoshekh (shirtless firrian) is being rude
shesmetet is confused at the conversation
khoshekh greets asmeret asking if they’ve met
asmeret and khoshekh have never formally talked but they know eachother
kora says something something about shesmetets not brother who is not dead, and then “lysander” ? has he arrived?
khoshekh seems to be proud of supplying drinks
shesmetet is shocked at what kora just said!
eujene has been temporarily working at the herb farm, leng ask if he’s helping zazussa (his master)
sapha uses her skirt as a table
asmeret seems to say there’s a firrian who comes into the palm which resembles khoshekh
kora introduces wanderer as emporor su, wanderer seems to have taken his role as emporer
wanderer is confused about onouris and vrekka, and what’s happened
zazussa sees a pinkish stone? she seems intrested
eujene is working under management
asmeret says that said firrian who resembles khoshekh is “red suit, mohwak, fur, open nights at the palm”
Leng offers to get eujene food
vrekka was let go?
amaljin got a job at the palm
hwan ask alyeis if she’s enjoying herself
wanderer does not seem to be enjoying the situation he’s in
zazussa observes the stone looking for the supervisor
leng grabs food for eujene, a small / average sized plate of lean meat
alyeis seems to be enjoying herself
khoshekh ask asmeret what brings her all the way to the herb farm
vrekka is being taken care of by lysander and samaela
kora seems to have visted eujenes wanderers estate, wanderer seems nervous because of that
sapha continues to evesdrop on all the drama, a spy of the magiccorp
gale enters with a frightened look and a large hood
asmeret is recounting everything that’s happened
eujene hides behind lengs elk under lengs permission
wanderer says everything with dariuss has been aweful
shesmetet seems stressed and confused
zazussa pockets the stone! thieffffff
hwan takes the cheese as a gesture and throws it at the ground
leng cuts the cheese edges and places it back on the table now no longer dirty due to the edges cut off
khoshekh is visiting due to the rare drinks given out
asmeret goes to drink under sudgestions of khoshekh
sapha walks over to zazussa, leng notices but doesn’t do much
kora says that her and wanderers friends are allive
gale collases next to the building with shaking hands, afraid
shesmetet’s tail is lashing angrily
kora makes wandy eat more
leng hears “experiment” and “workers” from asmeret turning over to khoshekh
zazussa walks with sapha
kora looks for ale, shesmetet hugs wanderer under request
alyeis smiles, the smile not quite reaching her eyes at kora’s request for ale
Khoshekh does not seem to want to bother the manager
sapha walks quietly with zazussa
kuyo enters!
nothing intresting seems to be happening with asmeret
gale is still hiding
leng greets kuyo with a loud wave saying “HEYY”
sapha seems to want to throw a rock at kuyos head
kuyo doesn’t seem to like leng 😦
a large burst of flames happens around the trees, a fire
people are panicking and many start to run
asmeret is startled
zazussa is tripped by a noble
wanderer is suprised at the fire
kuyo feels awkward
sapha rolls to the ground and gets suprised by the fire she panicks
gale is shocked by the fire, not fire again!
kora gets smacked in the face by zazussas wings
hwan frowns at the fire
shesmetet clutches wanderer protectively, kora’s outfit is dirtied by ale
people suffer in general because of the fire
zazussa breaks open the cask on her fall,
asmeret breaks from her trance and confusion
wanderer hugs onto momcat (shesmetet
eujene drops his food in suprise
kora glares at zazussa
everyone seems shocked and eujene drops his food
sapha moves away from the fire
sapha is trying to avoid the fire in panick
leng tells eujene to start healing as zazussa gets up from the stampede, shesmetet wants to find a way out
hwan tells workers to put out fire
alyeis helps put out fire via water
khoshekh walks towards the fire
kuyo waves at eujene and thanks leng for the “warning”
zazussa throws alchol onto the fire trying to help
zazussa’s closed wet with alchol are on fire, leng ask if she can survive a arrow (so he can help)
leng sends a arrow close to the foot of zazussa sligthly dousing the fire via the mist cloud
leng tosses mist arrows to zazussa just in case she catches on fire again
asmeret helps to clear the fire with buckets
wanderer cast ice and water spells
sapha is still panicking
kora tries to help sapha while leng just puts a cloak over her to help with the heat
Khoshekh uses the hauler to douse fire
sapha tries to attack kora by instinct but lengs cloak blocks sapha’s strike for kora
zazussa helps douse the fire
wanderer keeps casting magic and eujene heals
the fire goes out
sapha is still panicking and hides under a wagon
shesmetet gets the animals out
the fire is gone
things seem to have fallen down in scale
shesmetet calms the animals
sapha is in total panick mode not noticing anything as leng tries to comfort her
khoshekh’s snowlion is calm
abdul looks inconvinenced
zazussa does not have clothing, it burned or taken off, leng throws her a cloak
sapha is shocked by lengs apple, pale
sapha’s mount pale is near her
wanderer seems happy that mostly everyone is fine
alyeis is drentched in suit
gale is panicking about fire, likely having past trauma
zazussa seems all together disheiviled and but fine
hwan is pristine, strangely
zazussa does not want to be healed when leng tells her to get healed from eujene
kora ask for injuries
khoshekh is concerned about the wine
shesmetet blushes seeing zazussa
sapha realizes she’s wet from the water spells
kora comforts sapha
leng overestimates eujene
zazussa comforts sapha
khoshekh seems fine
sapha seems scared hugging zazussa
kora lets zazussa take care of sapha
alyeis looks at the aftermath
kuyo comments on how executioners think they’re justified and thus don’t feel guilt
wanderer is whispered to by a servant
sapha and zazussa talk to eachother, zazussa comforting sapha
leng goes over to make sure asmeret is doing fine, she says she’s fine but leng heals her anyways
gale is lost puppy
kora and shesmetet dislike servant
wanderer needs to go back
alyeis is exhausted
hwan is odly calm and clean,
wanderer needs to go back for things
asmeret is totally fine it seems, leng is worrying about everyone but is happy that eujene is so helpful
sapha starts to relax
kora notices kuyo
shes and kora are worried about wanderer, they need to catchup
zazsussa and sapha seem to be doing better
asmeret wonders what started the fire and from lengs estimation it may be assasination plan
hwan talks about how capable people seem to be
kora seems to be suspicious of hwan
leng goes to check up on the others
leng checks up on eujene
alyeis checks up on kora
kuyo was about to say something but lengs apperence and compliments of eujene stopped him, kuyo and eujene are talking to eachother
wanderer seems to be lonely and frustrated
zazussa puts sapha in charge of her machine
hwan says the royal court will investigate the matter
alyeis looks at the people again, wanderer tells people that he must go
kuyo says the inspector will give glowing marks for this place, sarcastically
shesmetet leans against sokar looking up at the sky
kora ends the conversation
eujene feels abit more relaxed as he stops a laugh and smiles
lengs cat, my horse, pats shesmetet who seems to be distressed
zazussa reclaims the pink stone
kuyo wonders why everyone brought all the creatures
hwan notices the pink stone and looks shocked
lengs cat gives shesmetet a peach, the elk promptly brings it away
asmeret ask kora if this is how parties normally go
zazussa inspects the stone trying to lok through it
alyeis walks over to hwan and follows his line of sight at zazussa
leng walks over, alyeis walks over and ask zazussa what she found
kora glances at zazussa’s behavoir
kuyo talks about how the mounts should be in stables
kora said that the party was intresting
asmeret watches them talk (zazussa and alyeis
sapha has discolored skin under her bright purple makeup
kuyo has a sickly white greenman?
kuyo watches sapha
leng listens in on alyeis’s conversation,
alyeis looking over to the burn site thinking about the warm stone
leng goes over to gale to check up on him
alyeis is worried sounding concerned
gale seems to be getting better
kora comments on how nobles would be more unlikely to leave their houses / towns from now on
leng tosses gale a apple
asmeret aggrees
alyeis wraps the stone in a cloth to wrap the stone
eujene and kuyo both have greenman!
asmeret wonders where wanderer got everyone following him
asmeret hasn’t been to the palm much since the holidays
zazussa ask alyeis if they should search for more
shesmetet moves over to sapha
gale seems worried about the bloodthirsty people
hwan ask zazussa if she’s worked here
leng offers to teach gale some skills
zazussa confirms to working here
sapha gives shes a shakey smile
hwan ask for the supervisor
kuyo has some sulking to do
asmeret has heard complaints about animals?
gale thinks that “they” did this, leng of course ask if he knows
eujene waves at kuyo as kuyo leaves
kuyo’s greenman recognizes eujene
kora wonders about what zazussa found
it seems like zazussa’s supervisor ran
zazussa does not seem to be comfortable, afraid oftalking to her supervisor
leng butts in to try and get zazussa to go somewhere else, being a annoying person he enjoys meddling with other’s buisness
zazussa’s supervisor seems to be mean and she seems to be scared
sapha is calming down more, pale
alyeis tries to find something to help zazussa
eujene seems to be fine, having fallen asleep, shesmetet has checked up on him
it seems like alyeis has taken the stone, zazussa tells kora that
eujene waves at sapha
sapha retrieves a tin with “mc” on it (magicorp) and paints herself again with the reflection
eujene worries about his friends always a soft boi
hwan mentions the only ones left are the ones who fought the fire
shesmetet looks down at her soaked dress
zazussa said something about leng sapha and asmeret not talking about the stone
kora smiles at everyone looking at the ground
asmeret also looks at the ground, the two seem to be searching for something
zazussa seems to be wanting to go home to look for clothes, she offers to talk to hwan at her house
eujene is calming down more
hwan looks around and says that they can talk later, there is no need to go to her house
sapha finishes her makeup
hwan assures that no one will know about it
zazussa says that talking to hwan is no bother, she just doesn’t want to embarass the others
kora searches through the plants
sapha starts to smile smelling lavenders,
kora ask asmeret where the fire started
asmeret answers saying it encircled them
hwan ask about workplace safety and the supervisor from zazussa, zazussa says that he does when elephants can fly
hwan ask for details
everything seems to be calming down
shesmetet wonders if they’re figuring out what happened
asmeret references how she was too distracted to notice the explosion, she heard about it from leng
sapha looks at the other group realizing how many are left, and have left. she feels anxious
last year based on zazussa’s report there was a fever, 2 deaths last month, a roof cave in, and missing shipments to towers
zazussa stops having more to say but thinking its a good place to conclude
kora mentions how mahadevi has alot of explosions
hwan says he has heared enough and that it was a pleasure talking to zazussa,
shesmetet says shes going to head home
asmeret said she ran off last time there was a explosion,
sapha gives a thankful wave as she looks sad needing to guard the wagon
zazussa comments on how if she wasn’t here it would be even worse
alyesis still has not returned
hwan, the inspector, motions to his leomorph and seemingly is ready to leave
everyone says their goodbyes and leave
zazussa is now covered in a banana leaf two piece
sapha and zazussa talk both wearing lengs cloak
eujene, sapha, zazussa have all assembled, leng also arrives!
event end

Interview with grimjack !

Here is our interview with the mysterious masked man grimjack! He’s quite strange and enigmatic but hopefully everyone enjoys!

Leng: “hello mr grimjack as i am led to know you by, can we first of all confirm at this is not a kidnapping by me and of total free will?”

Leng: “as you can probably understand it was hard to get ahold of you and I’d like to avoid any acquisitions on my paper”

Grimjack: “You can confirm whatever you want, but I don’t know that I agree with it. Maybe this really is a kidnapping. I’ve never been kidnapped before, how would I know when it’s happening?”

Grimjack scratches the back of his head idly. “So, what’d you not-kidnap me for?”

Leng: “You have caught alot of attention with your actions at the palm with your mask and large bids, with your mysterious persona many would be intrested in learning more about you!”

Grimjack scoffs. “That’s depressing, I can’t imagine a more boring person to be interested in. Although, maybe you’ll change my mind.”

Leng: “Many would like to ask about your mask and the mysterious persona in general, ‘why do you wear the mask’ a reader which wants to remain annonymous ask ‘for your or our protection?’ You don’t need to answer if this is too personal”

Grimjack: “This mask? If you want an honest answer I wear it because the mask under it isn’t nearly as well designed, athough… the mask under that. Well, that was three masks ago I don’t like talking about that one. It’s definitely for your protection though, trust me the other masks still give me nightmares.”

Leng nods
Leng: “its very reasonable that you want to hide less nice looking mask, if i wore a mask which looked ugly I’d get another mask too” leng says agreeing. “With your vast fortunes do you have anything to say about the current inheretence crisis?”

Grimjack bursts into laughter. “My vast fortunes? Just how much do you think I get paid? I can barely afford to feed myself doing what I do. I once had to eat a lava lamp. That part isn’t because of the financial situation, but I still did it. Anyway, what’s this about an inheritance crisis?”

Leng: “there seems to be some drama between the wanderer, a green haired haranhi, and his family. Have you not heard of it?”

Grimjack: “Well put the kids to bed and kick the cat, we got some breaking news. I didn’t even know Wandy had a family.”

Leng: “ah spoilers! Uhh just pretend like i never told you and find out about it organically okay?”
Leng says clasping his hands
Leng: “shhhh”

Grimjack: “No need to worry about that, I forget things on a regular basis.”

A cat gets punted over towards them with a elk giving a snicker as leng looks over
Leng: “he didn’t mean that litterally…”
Leng says with a sigh
Leng: “do you have any intresting things to tell everyone? You’re quite a enigmatic figure so far”

Grimjack: “Well, I like to consider myself a bit of a bad boy. In fact, I once watched porn without masturbating. Just to disrespect the actresses. Occasionally, I like to pitch ideas for novels or plays to strangers I meet on the street.”

Leng nods
Leng: “how frightening! I imagine that will intrest many people”
Leng laughs slightly
Leng: “our last reader would like to ask ‘why’, i find this is the perfect time to ask”
Leng says laughing lightly

Grimjack: “Well, it’s not that complicated actually. On the outside I may appear like an emotionless, sarcastic piece of shit. But, I’ve got layers, sort of like an onion. When you peel off enough layers you realize it’s the exact same thing every single time and you start crying.”

Leng: “Thats why you shoot onions at a distsnce with a flaming arrow, cooks them”
Leng nods
Leng: “i don’t like cutting onions”

Leng: “that was very intresting”
Leng says scratching his cheek
Leng: “i ran out of questions… i swear i had more!”

Grimjack: “Well then interviewer, it’s my turn to ask you the questions.”

Leng: “uh oh- er… sure!”

Grimjack: “Which way are you most scared of dying? Most people get this one wrong.”

Leng: “getting stabbed and slowly consumed by our last interviewee, mixing necromancy and healing potions to infinitely extend the pain over a bombardment of tenticles”

Leng says without any hesitation

Grimjack nods. “Decent answer, well done. I also would’ve accepted ‘drowning on fire’.”

Leng: “i mean even worse is getting hereaftered into yourself, instant death but I’d imagine painful getting ripped through time and space itself”
Leng says with a shrug
Leng: “whats your worst fear?”

Grimjack: “I once spent a considerably lengthy vacation in between time and space. I suppose my worst fear would be going through that again. Or perhaps waking up with three testicles in the shape of only one testicles.”

Leng shivers slightly
Leng: “that sounds painful and gruesome, thats why i avoid things like that, i think this is a good stopping point though”

Grimjack: “I agree wholeheartedly. I’d like to offer one last piece of advice to your readers before I leave, if that’s quite alright?”

Leng: “sure! It was nice talking to you today”

Grimjack nods. “My advice to your readers is this: Always pause and say ‘You can show yourself now’ before you leave a room. One day there’ll actually be someone there and they’ll be
really impressed.”

Grimjack: “It’s served me well on many occasions.”

Leng nods a few times agreeing
Leng: “or you could get a smoke bomb and run out of every room, even more fun. I knew a dude who did that once…”

Grimjack: “It might even be worth the irreversible lung damage. Thank you for a lovely interview, it was almost a pleasure.”

Leng nods and smiles
Leng: “it was pleasant, have a good day mr grim jack!”

Open palm 1/15/2020

Sadly I had to leave due to other matters not concerning the palm, the notes end at 10:14 pm est but any important events shall be acquired from my contacts and associates at a later time – leng

A few people are at the bar today, far less than a few days ago, zazussa sits at the corner, amajin tends the bar, yuriela uses the window like a ordering station, and shesmetet and tani sit on the counter chairs.
Shesmetet has fallen ill with an “infection”
zazussa is out of things to do as it is winter, a time when pay ends and so does anything she normally does.
seia observes the fellow firrian shesmetet
asmeret sneaks up and stares at yureila
darius sits alone staring at the piano
the bartender amajin has mixed up the prices! 25 and 30 silver!
asmeret does not like drinking rum
asmeret climbs through a window with yureila still outside
seia says kora has good attitude unless it’s here, one day she will punch kora
shesmetet says they are alike
amajin dumps old hot tea water on yureila getting her angry
amajin does not appologize to yureila
sapha enters and hugs darius
amajin is undercharging,
sapha moved over to sit with zazussa and leng,
shesmetet tells amajin to appologize for possibly hurting yureila, amajin defends himself by saying it was yureila’s turn for staying there
a funny conversation
seia “unless bitch, then no apologize”
amajin “beetch? what
s that? different from ashholes?”
amajin appologizes, not sounding very sure. he distracts himself with asmeret
tokiharu joins the rp ! radius invite with skye too~
tokiharu is a gaunt man with a will to inspect the doorframe and enviorment
leng reads to his students , sapha and zazussa “green eggs and ham”
kuyo is unbanned
kuyo is bad at playing music and cries, leng doesn’t mind though kuyo! you’ll get better
tokiharu is more civilized than everyone as seia calls others names :p
amajin has learned how to use beechhh
dariuss seems to just be relaxing, he then moves to the bar with everyone else
tokiharu seems haughty
dariuss buys “cheap alchol”? and uses “please?” character development?
Lorik walks in, a firrian who seems quite simple and content
tokiharu seems to be rich
kuyo enters! on the roof
dariuss seems to have a less formal way of speaking now, weird
sapha notices lorrik and produces a expresion as if she knows him! her ears are eger at his sight
lorikk seems to be formal, but not overly impolite
tokiharu says he would need to opperate on himself implying himself to be a doctor
sapha seems very intrested in lorrik
lorikk seems like a popular figure
tokiharu is a doctor physician and healer
zazussa noticed that no one had really ordered anything yet
lorrik seems to be taking orders for the corner group (leng, zazussa and sapha)
sapha likes ribs,
amajin leaves the building,
leng needs to leave for some “personal matters”
lorrik is now working at the bar

Archival post, Date auction at the palm 12/23/2019

Wanderer is brought to near tears as people joke about the nature of the event, starting around 10 minutes late he walks to the podium. calling the names of each person they stand up and say something along the lines of “here”. Soon the auction is interupted by hwan, someone wanting to get people into debt and taking the auction as a opportunity to do so, he walks up and says something along the lines of “anyone who wants to take a loan can go to me in the corner”, he walks off. soon the auction starts in alphabetical order. Most but not everyone is here today, first goes asmeret.
1-150 gold goes in 1 gold incriments, asmeret is the first to be auctioned off. The auction starts slowly with 1 gold bids, however soon it rises to 100! Leng goes for 120! 130! and then 140, 141 is called, 141 and some silver is called, however this place only accepts gold. As such leng wins, and goes up to pat asmeret, ending their date. This is important as it preludes and hints at the sky high bids later on. (Asmeret is cute so ofc she started it off with a high bid!)
Second up in the alphabetical is aurum, this bid gets even more heated, it goes to 150! kora and auruminum seem to hit it up as auruminum is won. (leng could only see the blushing)
Third up was gale, a competition which is not as energetic to start but goes up to 100, tahmoh bidding wanting to get a picture date thingy! Wanderer was slow to count at first but now seems abit more composed, less suprised at the large amounts of money being thrown out, people are getting antsy at the amount of money being used, some jealous some not. at the end however gale drops his painting and runs after it, wanderer is forced to step off the stage to help. The picture is thankfully saved some people who talk in a western accent are being noisy inside the bar as everything goes down, gale’s bid ends at 100. it went once, twice. tahmoh has won the painter in the cute way she does 🙂
A straggler known as yureila arrives around 28 minutes in
Forth up is grimjack, he starts off as mute but with people being unable to follow he is soon motioned to by north… what is their relation, that he can talk. with some disapointment he starts to introduce himself, apperently north was commanding him to “act normal” or in this case… not talk! Shes bids with 6, seia adds a sharp comment, grimjack tells a tale of weirdness and wyverents, and naked! This was alot less intense than the other ones, it plateus at 10, then 12, before weirdness starts to hapen, the one being bidded on dissapears and appears near, bewildering himself and many others. it eventually gets to 15, it starts at 15 going once, this is the lowest first going once so far. It goes twice and words of “pity” are given to the winner by those in the stand, 15 gold, the lowest bid. Alexander has won. Something intresting happens, the green haired auctioneer, known as wanderer, ask the elf alexander to pass in the gold via mail, while everyone else did it by hand… how strange?, grimjack however passes the gold to wanderer himself… paying for alexander to pay for himself?
fith goes kora- who starts to introduce herself only to be rudely interupted by leng, “she likes bashing things with hammers” and then the owner of the place north “she’s rude and calls people names”, the bid starts at 5 gold with shes but the one who was bought by kora, auruminium bids 10, then shes 20, wanderer, the auctioneer bids 25 gold. the bid war keeps going and kora ask wanderer if 45 gold is all she’s worth, wanderer bids 50, shes bids 60, it’s getting heated! HOWEVER a dark horse arrives, gale bids 65 so that kora can teach gale what a date is before gale goes on his! leng sudgest gale get lessons from wanderer so that wanderer can afford even higher bids! there is a war between wanderer and shes for kora, it was a light hearted bid war however. Leng is totally shipping kora x wanderer, kuyo however watches from the FOURTH WALL. “raise price for music?” kora ask. grimjack bids 111 gold! why is he intrested in kora? no one knows! 111 is the standing bid says wanderer, feeling defeated yet no longer nervous about the rummors on the nature of the auction (mostly anyways). kora pouts at shes as she is bought with grimjack… who doesn’t know what or who he bought.

2 hours have passed so far

Sixth out of eleven is lexine, she jumps on the stage doing a grin. energetic is she the first, however it seems like the audience is off topic talking about hair. the girl seems to be frightened as we wait for her to speak, the bidding starts at 5 gold as we wait, people prefer to wait to know what they’re “buying” – a red nelouise. yureila bids 7 gold, this is the first bid and it starts it offf! although dead silent before now kora bids, likely due to competition and without need for words the bid starts. however even without words it goes to 18, safely saving itself from last. lexine finally starts talkingabout herself, this seems to be her first date and she seems energetic and egar to learn about the world. kora brings the money to 18 and tahmoh to 25, the bid starts to increase. wanderer bids 55 but yureila cuts it off with… 51, before pouting. the bid eventually goes once at 56, the bid goes twice, and the masked grimjack adds 10 + 3 from the lexi! making it a “better number” in his words, 69. it goes twice- twice in a row. “that is a sex number” seia says. yureila gets it for 69! and the westerners say… nice
leng analysis: it seems like the big spenders have capped off, the max being 150~ gold for most bids, it’s likely the rest of the bids will stay sub 100.
seventh goes shesmetet! Lengs rival in bidding and a big spender herself. Being such a big spender so far, in almost every war, she gets quite a few cheers. She has a nice red dress of which most people think is nice looking, many comment on her dress as she introduces herself. She is a hunter, fighter, reader, learner, and also rider, and dancer. The bid starts at 10 gold! a all time first high! auruminium bids 12 gold, it seems quite tame at the start although the first bid was high, kora bids 15 continuing the uptick and forcing kho to go but a few seconds later with 18, the war has started. Auruminium wanted to bid 17 but upon hearing 18 she stops, the wanderer as he is called bids 25, after a while kora bids with 30 gold, it seems like kora is after all the girls. as pointed out by sinestra, tahmoh bids 50 gold for “shiny person” which i assume is aruminium, kora bids 55, auruminium blushes, tahmoh bids 60 (which i assume is for auruminium), kora bids 65, hwan seems to have no debitors so far. 65 going once, “seventy… shiney person and shes need date” tahmoh says shipping auruminium and shes, takaris bids 69 getting a few “nice”s but 70 is greater, takaris bids 79 then, “79 is not a sex number” seia says helpfully, “not with that attitude” sinestra says. shesmetet gets a dagger, sinestra seems amused. tahmoh bids 80 for shiny lady! “going for 80…” wanderer says. kora grins at the dagger and with new found happiness bids 85! it goes for 85, it goes twice for 85, shesmetet is sold for 85 to kora! she does a small dance. kora has a double date?
eighth person goes up, sinestra causing kora to whistle sudgestively, wanderer seems to be embarassed as he turned away. sinestra seems to be a hunter who relishes power and knows a thing or two about romance. She is the first truely skimpily clad person so far. Wanderer stutters as he starts the bid, this seems to be something with *high* intrest as the bid starts right away, 5, 10, 11! the bid slows for a good period, takaris bids 15 gold. Tahmoh jumps the line entirely with a bid for 35, then kora jumps her with 40!, takaris bids 45! shesmetet bids 50! a bid war has started as this stuff escelates. the bid continues with 51, then 55, then 60, then 61, it seems to be increasing at a good pace. not the most heated but most people are spent, a shame as this would have gotten quite high bids before. grimjack jumps by 40 and gets to 100! a wild jump in price ending the bids for a period. it goes once for 100, it goes twice for 100! and she’s sold! although prior this was a low bid amount now after a dry spell this is truely a suprise! this makes grimjack the second double winner of the night.
now tahmoh goes up, she introduces herself, she likes exploring and tasty drinks, she seems to be quite a happy person with enthusiasm to spare! she also seems to like cats! tahmoh also enjoys climbing. Starting at 5 gold north takes the first bid with 30! it jumps in incriments of 10 and 5! 40, 45! 50, 60! 67!70! this firrian is wildly popular, both extremely peppy and charasmatic i can see why. 71 to takaris! the bid war is fast and ferrocious! netiah to 75! wanderer bids 80! , tahmoh starts dancing in the silence, everyone stares. takaris bids 89, 89 gold going once, 89 going twice! it goes to 90! 90 going once… a large creature comes inside! black and feathered and named screach (owner nelouise), tahmoh thinks the weird bird thing is a dog and leng aggrees that dogs (goose) are cute! 90 going twice. sold! tahmoh is sold to netiah
tenth out of 11, alexander the westerner walks on stage. he seems composed as he gives a calm smile with his hands behind his back… he sadly, is not the famous one. he sounds like a mercenery from what we can get through his good, but flawed, haranhi language. he is a battle cleric with the auruminum dragons. he is also a fortune teller. this is gales first time painting a **REAL** elf. bidding starts at 5, 10, 11, 12, 20, 22, 29, it goes up faster than normal, people seem to be invested but not willing to go too high, it goes up to 30 for gale, auruminimum seems to be slacked on coin as she looks at her purse, takaris bids 39, everyone seems low on money, auruminium seems to not want him for any special reason but gale also seems to want. sinestra bids for 50 and shesmetet bids for 60! takaris after a small break bids for 65, sinestra bids 70, this western elf seems to have alot of intention as people smoothly drop money towards him. Gale bids 75, he may have some problems eating well in the future however… takaris follows up with 79, gale follows up after abit with 80… clearly running out of money. 80 going once for gale… eighty going twice! gale wins alexander and a bonus prize of starvation! gale buys alexander to draw
the final, the eleventh, out of 11 is… wanderer! the auctioneer! it goes crazy high crazy fast going to 55 gold within 5 bids, wanderer is skilled in languages and it goes to 60! sinestra winks at kora as takaris brings it up to 66! sinestra follows close with seventry! wanderer is staring at his feet… it goes to 80! 89! 100! sinestra takaris and tahmoh are in a bid war! kora bids 110 looking happy! 120 sinestra back stabs her! this is the first bid to break the 100 barrier since a few auctions ago- but shesmetet breaks all the records by going to 200! this is the highest bid in the entire time! she has broke any records taking both the last, and also the highest bid! sinestra however does not let her win, 250! shesmetet seems intent on going all the way, 300! 330 to shesmetet! 340! to sinestra! 350! they are in a spiral in which both will suffer… 360 to sinestra! 400 to sheshmetet! 500 to sinestra! this is truely the creme de crop of this, everyone is in chock at the display! 500 going once – kora, shesmetet not winning takes out a dagger and plays with it, 500 going twice! 500 to sinestra!

First bid: leng at 141 (for asmeret)
Last bid: sinestra at 500 (for wanderer)
Highest bid: 500 for sinestra
Constant bidders: Kora, Sinestra, Sinestra, gale, tahmoh, grimjack, wanderer
Hot volunteers: Wanderer, tahmoh
Nice: Lexie


Some banter and light flirting and some joking about lewdness and clothing takes place, people start to leave and people go sleep… sweaters are taken off and generally the party starts to die down, the bidders and biddies are brought together, and poverty spreads across the land

Palm event, 1/12/2020

On the aftermath of the nook event, of which i have only heard brief rumors and descriptions of through my otherworldly knowledge and onouris i saw firsthand the aftermath today, although unconfirmed from what we’ve seen onouris is not totally out for the count.

Today there was alot of drama, a tense atmosphere, and the smell of death in the wind. From necromancer to now a political struggle the hero of it all seems to be scared, for himself, his friends, and the very things which define him as a person. Today I, Leng, Will tell you about what happened during today’s open palm!

Wanderer and the sucession

Now surrounded by familiar faces and new faces wanderer has a drink, at the bar khoshekh is on semi duty with a mysterious bartender tending to the bar in kora’s absence. (Note the recounting of the first few hours are shaky due to me not being there and instead only hearing from night.) In the corner zazussa, my student sits, on the bar table, a few drinkers and a few body guards inside the bar and around the tables. Wanderer sings a song as people talk happily

I walked to the corner and talked to my disciple about my new student wanting to learn about healing, he had a appointment to meet with her but from what i’ve heard he was slowed down by a vicious dog.

After wanderer sat down to get a drink himself leaving the bar free of singing the drama came in. Dariuss walking over to wanderer starts talking about succession to him, wanderer is apparently the heir of a vast fortune of which belongs to his grandfather. His “real” grandfather… and dariuss has “proof”

Wanting wanderer to embrace this fortune for honor or self gain dariuss tells wanderer that his grandmother who raised him… wanderer cut in with the fact that he was raised by his grandfather, dariuss follows up with the fact that his grandfather was not his real grandfather. Wanderer, outraged, seems agitated as dariuss continues to tell him that his grandfather was a great man, this greatman however was revealed to have killed wanderer’s father. The “true” grandfather in question was then revealed to have been the rich and final heir of the Su family. Wanderer being the “true” successor after him.

Dariuss tells wanderer that he can make the decision if he wants to or not take the fortune, the fortune from the “monster” wanderer had heard about as a youth. Wanderer ask for more time and the fellow members of the bar comfort him. Wanderer with a chip on his shoulder, fear in his heart, and still bad memories from the nook but a few nights before wanderer breaks down.

Wanderer is comforted by many of those in the bar, his main worry about harming the others by relation. A fear of dariuss remains in his heart as they go upstairs. I have left at this point.

Side news

This section will be of news that has been revealed to me during the side talk at the open palm

>Auruminium has guilt towards what happened at the nook between her and dariuss, the situation seems complicated and their relationship has yet to be seen

>Dariuss has done a good deed seemingly in helping Zazussa regrow her wings and removing her inhibitor (Zazussa mentioned that she may have exploded/been a bomb if that was not removed, if she would have died herself as a warborn that is not certain).

>Leng (me) and Asmeret are on less nice terms seemingly, I am fearful of what may come in the future. I don’t know what happened once I left to get away from dariuss… I don’t like him.

>Eujene has encountered Zazussa and tried becoming her student, as there was so much drama no concrete relation was created.

>Takaris seems to want wings (zazussa’s)

>Asmeret seems dismissive of leng at best

>Wanderer is good at singing and playing his lute

>Zazussa is not use to good attention

>A mysterious black crow has appeared!

>There were two westerners, one of them rocking a great haircut.

>Can’t all cats use magic?


Today relationships were tested, secrets were unveiled, fears created. I too fear for the future, but only time can show me what is to come. I wish everything will end up going well for everyone, I can’t help but keep my distance from dariuss.