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An hour of the palm (2/9/2020)

Here is todays sneak peak into what’s going on, from what I can piece together kora seems to be affected by something, the speed dating (the night before) seems to have gone badly in most cases, only 2 out of the 8 or so people enjoying it (I mean getting almost killed and drama, etcContinue reading “An hour of the palm (2/9/2020)”

An hour of the palm (2/5/2020)

Today I spent an hour at the palm, between 9 pm est and 10 pm est, It was quite fun! Love is blooming, Bears are fuming, And i’m still alone :^) Won’t go to the date auction though- Leng Leng attempts to poison lysanderZazussa and tani greet eachother flirtinglylysander orders sakeleng orders watershesmetet enters andContinue reading “An hour of the palm (2/5/2020)”

Palm earthquake 1/19/2020

Alot has happened in the palm today, it seems as though a earthquake and a reaper have been spotted. A conspiracy about the lures uncovered, and a community devastated… Who caused this? Leng arrives at the open palm, he smells like blood due to the events of yesterday still. He greets takaris asking how yesterday’sContinue reading “Palm earthquake 1/19/2020”

Archival post, Date auction at the palm 12/23/2019

Wanderer is brought to near tears as people joke about the nature of the event, starting around 10 minutes late he walks to the podium. calling the names of each person they stand up and say something along the lines of “here”. Soon the auction is interupted by hwan, someone wanting to get people intoContinue reading “Archival post, Date auction at the palm 12/23/2019”