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Palm earthquake 1/19/2020

Alot has happened in the palm today, it seems as though a earthquake and a reaper have been spotted. A conspiracy about the lures uncovered, and a community devastated… Who caused this?

Leng arrives at the open palm, he smells like blood due to the events of yesterday still. He greets takaris asking how yesterday’s dungeon was treating her’
takaris was standing next to kora
Zazussa was cooking, the smell of food and friend fish can be smelled strongly
Kora leaves the place not liking takaris
takaris seems to be slightly tired from the night before at the dungeon
tani walks in and greets zazussa who is tending the bar, zazussa ask if they would like tea
leng says that it was quite hectic but they’ll get the dungeon next time once they get help
takaris says that no one else will do it so they’ll have to do it eventually
tani seems to like tea
leng offers a seat
zazussa starts making tea
takaris sits next to leng across the table
zazussa ask what they’d like to drink and leng orders at water and takaris a cup of water
zazussa ask if they would like any food
leng seems to be in his armor still explaining the smell, armor took a while to clean and it’d likely be in use again later
leng order plain rice
kora walks into the palm frowning but nods to zazussa
Gabriel talks in nuian
zazussa nods and gestures to a table with lit candle, kora rolls her eyes at lengs order
takaris slams her hand on the table wanting to tell someone something
zazussa seems to be a happy bar worker who works with a smile, good ratings from leng
kora starts working the bar with her hair tied back, tani comments on it
leng ask takaris if she has any plans to avoid petrification in the future
takaris sudgest moving and using pillars, leng counters said idea due to the fact that he was petrified before he even turned the corner !
kora sips coconut ale suspiciously, looking around at the door
zazussa ask what gabriel would like to drink, gabriel ask for something light
gabriel the nuian seems to normally drink ciders
takaris seems to have borrowed leng’s set of armor yesterday, however it doesn’t seem like either’s could protect against the petrification
kora is supprised that leng and takaris know eachother, leng explains that they kill things together
zazussa is as always a good bar tender (10/10 – lgn)
takaris continues the explanation by saying they kill undead which leng says are fun
tani listens in on the conversations
leng sighs because he can’t gas everyone in the dungeon on account of them being undead
takaris seems to be using rusted weapons
zazussa delivers food to takaris and leng
leng thanks her, so does takaris, enthusiastically
kora mentions that there are alot of westerners
leng mentions that eujene is a healer they could try getting to help
gabriel seems not fluent in haranyan yet
takaris ask where they could find eujene and leng mentions zazussa, who is also teaching him
kora ask if gabriel is a merchant coming through austera
takaris mentions how everyone seems to be leng’s student “only a few” leng says
leng goes to the counter to ask zazussa if she knows where eujene is, however leng waits for her to be done with her work and free
gabriel seems to just be a traveler
shesmetet enters, her snow lion runs through the wall (;3 only leng can see this)
kora glances at leng who is sitting next to her, leng offers a smile and a wrist wave
shesmetet orders cactusflower tea
zazussa goes andp its another kettle on
kora wonders where leng’s cat is, saying that he left it at home in a questioning tone, leng says that it’s probaly around here watching
gabriel says she’s just exploring
zazussa finishes the cactus tea
kora looks unsettled by hearing that lengs cat is here
leng ask if he should call it
zazussa serves the tea to shes
gabriel flicks a penut out of the window curious
shesmetet thanks zazussa and pays for her drink like a good person
kora grimices and says she’d rather not, before walking over to shesmetet trying to stop talking to leng clearly offput by his cat
zazussa gives gabriel a warm smile saying that everyones accepted here
after zazussa is talking to everyone leng ask for eujene
shesmetet ask if kora knows the ones who caused the fire
gabriel pays for her drink confused that shes was paying before the drinks were drank
zazussa hasn’t seen eujene in a few days since the herb farm fire
tani continues drinking her drink listening
kora and asmeret and zazussa seems to have found some kind of shard (pink rock!), it seems related to the fire and a lure?
zazussa explains that alot of people pay differently
shesmetet says she bought some of the lures kora mentioned
kora takes the pack and walks away distracted
leng walks back to takaris telling her there’s no luck in finding eujene
gabriel appologizes for her confusion
kora takes out on of the lures and turns it over in her hands searching
zazussa offers to take the money now if gabriel prefers
gabriel says she isn’t fluent yet
leng offers to ask “my horse” to look for eujene
takaris says its like chasing goose and leng nods
zazussa reasures gabriel by saying that she’ll stick her boot up whoever ass she needs to
gabriel laughs and tani smirks at the comment
kora looks up with a frown
zazussa has small feet, she thinks
tani looks over at kora confused
leng reminds zazussa that she has a exploding arrow he gave her
kora shows tani the lure
gabriel says small feet would hurt
takaris needs to go outside for a minute
tani inspects the lure
zazussa says that peanuts are for eating not flicking to gabriel
shesmetet seems to be thinking about something
gabriel comments that the palm is a good place, shesmetet agrees
gabriel mentions this is her first time seeing nuts at the bar
kora tries to open the object with banging but fails, she tries using her nails and fails
leng offers kora the use of his dagger
gabriel wonders if anyone plays piano
zazussa says some do but she doesn’t yet
tani watches kora try to open the lure failing
gabriel mentions the “yet”
shesmetet mentions the regular musicians aren’t around anymore
kora takes the dagger and tries to use it, putting it into the grooves
gale arrives scooting into the corner trying to be stealthy
zazussa mentions how leng is teaching her to read and how she was trying to learn everything
zazussa notices gale and walks over to him,
shesmetet winces at gales arrival looking down
zazussa ask gale what he wants
kora opens the box a smell of rot spreading
shesmetet cringes
due to the smell kora drops the box over the counter, splashing liquid, leng opens the windows and zazussa starts flapping her wings to move the air around
kora getting hit in the face leans out the window
leng mentions how rot creates a flamable gas at times, asking zazussa to turn off the fires
kora takes deep breaths throwing them outside
shesmetet throws up over the balcony
leng ask kora if he can destroy her gloves, they had fluid on it so leng wanted to test on them
north enters walking over to the piano casually
leng shoots a fire arrow near the gloves to see if they were flamable
shesmetet mentions that she’s been throwing up for a while
tani pinches her nose and walks over to gale
the gloves burst into weird color flames, purple and violet, leng mentions how if he had not sudgested to turn off the fires they may have died
gale complains why everything happens around him
zazussa cleans the floor holding her breath
kora ask for bleach or alchol to help clean, leng ask to just light it on fire and control with water magic
kora is against setting her bar on fire,
leng helps clean the bar with zazussa not waiting for permission,
tani feels abit better breathing in the fresh air
gabriel dances with northlight who is playing piano
gale whimpers because of smoke fire and murder being everywhere
takaris enters not noticing leng
leng cleans and stands up telling takaris that he’s trying to clean the place
kora pinches her nose as she cleans
tani mentions to gale that none of the murder smoke fire etc has happened here confused
leng goes outside and burns his armor, heat treated and metalic mostly it’d be fine
zazussa and kora are on cleaning duty
zazussa ask kora what that was, leng says it’s probaly some black magic and kora says it’s likely
gale does not like stink bombs
leng mentions that the smoke smells better than the fluid itself
kora is suprised that leng is burning his armor, leng says he’s fought fire breathers before so it’ll be fine
kora sets and burns incense in a room possibly full of flamables
zazussa helps kora do that and kora throws the cleaning stuff out of the window
leng shoots a steam arrow causing air to rush out of the bar
kora is pushed out of the window by the air pressure
kora swears at leng, leng says it atleast doesn’t smell anymore
kora hops back into the window and shesmetet walks downstairs
gale sneaks back in
tani says it smells better mentioning that it’s never dull here
leng ask if they can confirm that the fire was caused by the lures
kora says it might have been a accident and leng mentions how it was suspiciously a perfect circle, kora frowns saying the lures aren’t from mahadevi
gale looks at shesmetet and shesmetet crumples a little
gale gets a drink from kora, a whiskey
zazussa replaces the drinks and food
leng says that fish tend to avoid rot
kora says that the drink is free to gale because of his patheticness
shesmetet ask for salt water to clean her mouth and wash out the t
north lights a sandalwood candle
kora mentions how she imagines leng doesn’t see alot of things, leng passes over his notes of the fire (and only the fire)
zazussa hands a honey ale for gabriel and one for north
north says beer is manley
kora takes the notes
kora ask leng why he isn’t the one looking into this, leng ask if it’s a offer to work with her
tani ask for something strong
north says he doesn’t teach anymore (piano)
kora rejects leng’s offer saying it’d be a headache
leng offers to give kora notes if she ever needs them
shesmetet seems to be uneasy hearing what leng said
zazussa serves dragon spit, a green liquid, to tani
leng puts his armor on, now smelling like smoke instead of blood or rot
tani wheezes due to the strength of the drink
monarch jumps over the counter to hear northlight play music
zazussa says that warborn are good at drinking so dragons spit is strong, “not much in the world can knowck a warborn on their ass”
the animals start acting weird, making noises and sounding fearful
tani seems satisfied
tani makes a connection between the lure and the commotion, shesmetet grows tense
leng walks outside getting ready for battle
northlight says it’s his cue to leave and leaves
lengs cat fades in from nothingness to follow leng
leng stands out the door looking towards whatever may be comming
the earth seems to be shaking – lengs cat
leng tells everyone what his cat told him, and that something might be coming
things start falling as the vibrations grow closer, things start to shake and things start to fall,
a wraith appears next to leng and leng gets away quick
shesmetet gets out ready for battle after leng,
tremors become visable
tani gets out ready for battle
everyone goes outside, assides from gale who whimpers under a bar stool
leng mentions to wraith as a promotion of death to everyone
zazussa pulls gale away from his hiding spot towards the outside
shesmetet thinks its a earthquake
kora says this isn’t rookborne!
leng says that it’s likely not a earthquake due to the reaper
things to shatter and the walls crack
tani remains calm
gabriel prepares for battle
leng sudgest to get away from the palm and kora follows, shesmetet and everyone else agree and start making it out away
koras room has collapse
gale is clinging onto his warborn
zazussa and gale get up, sligthly more battered than before. leng cast healing onto them sorry that he can’t do more
zazussa flies up to search for vantage
shesmetet says it’s a earthquake!
the trembling lighten
leng runs off to help the people elsewhere, in collapsing houses while healing
the trembles finally stop
gale wished kuyo was here
kora is shocked and horrified at the palm in shambles
zazussa seems shocked as she lands, wondering what it was
small aftershocks still remain
leng comes back doing all he could asking if they knew who made the lures or why the reaper was here
kora does not see the connection between the lures and the earthquakes and goes off to help telling leng to be useful
leng looks around and tries helping
tani and kora go look at the house
zazussa babies gale lifting them up
kora ask if leng does healing
leng says he was already healing
kora sees two firrian digging, leng provides life support and tells kora to help them
there’s someone burried, leng gives kora his dagger to help dig as he continues healing
kora uses lengs dagger as leng’s cat walks through the rubble
kora and leng find a young woman hugging her dead husband, shesmetet found a young woman and runs up to them
leng starts to help heal more creating a first aid station
leng and kora split up to search two houses
leng doesn’t hear or find anyone and helps kora
kora hears 3 children and lengs cat locates them helping dig
they recover the three children, one unconcious and 2 hurt, leng shoves some potion into the unconcious child’s mouth
they run back to the palm and leng starts healing everyone there, a family enters, a mother carrying a child crying
leng tries to heal them, gale is crying in the corner
zazussa is at the palm trying to help
zazussa seems to know ressurection!
kora starts doing first aid
shesmetet arives with a armful of suplies
leng encourages zazussa
shesmetet and leng and kora provide first aid
gale says his head is hurt to kora but says he isn’t important right now, there are worse people
zazussa leads the family to the corner
leng cast a mana share spell onto zazussa to help her recover
zazussa wonders what causes this sitting next to gale
leng uses snipe lightning as a beacon to call people to the palm, they couldn’t afford to search lest the people they saved be in more danger
gale feels like he’s cursed because he never gets a break
things start to calm down as kora brings people upstairs
tani keeps watch ignoring the people comming upstairs, annoyed
leng thanks zazussa for healing/ressurecting
everyone has stabalized
zazussa ask leng to make camps outside due to the dwindling space and leng complies going outside to create camps
tani ignores the people not noticing kora who stares at her
zazussa helps a man fix his broken leg
shesmetet continues helping where she can
tani notices that no one is dying and looks out to the ocean
zazussa says to use the spirits for antisceptic
shesmetet sudgest vinegar
kora notices that most bottles are broken so she searches for whole ones
zazussa has finished fixing the mans leg
shesmetet sudgest bleach as long as their careful
leng enters and cast light healing, zazussa reminds him to help upstairs too,
kora gets some rubbing alchol to help
tani starts giving comforting words to the refugees
zazussa goes outside to help the camps, leng had already stabalized but they needed more tending
to zazussa’s suprise leng made a fully working camp, people seemed to be getting better and staying warm
leng sudgest sending someone out to get supplies since they couldn’t wait
zazussa offers to go out and get stuff from the blue salt with her tractor,
kora agrees with lengs sudgestion
leng offers zazussa brings his cat since it would be able to get back in case something bad happened
zazussa says she can fly, just is tired
kora agrees on the tired part
leng helps everyone regenerate their mana
tani walks downstairs sitting down quietly
leng goes to ask around to see if anyone else had seen the reaper, using his good reputation for helping to leaverage any extra information
zazussa cooks and leng goes to scavange for more stuff
kora says that tani should be willing to share that chair and tani ask “with who?” and a snicker
everyone seems down in the dumps
kora means herself when she said “share” but realizes there’s others who would also like the chair
zazussa starts heading out to mahadevi to see if there are any supplies
kora wishes her luck
tani ask if the hot springs rent out cabins
the scene fades out

mahadevi only got small shockwaves,
no one’s heard anything about the reaper
under investigations leng has found that the earthquake is connected to earth elementals
the bait is thought to be connected to the reaper as rot is good bait for undead/death type creatures only

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