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Herb farm fire summary

Here are my notes everyone! i’ve taken them durring and after the event so the order of things may be abit messy, Here should be everything i’ve gathered from my time running between everyone – leng

Leng appears for a party, the area was tidied up by the supervisor prior but the smell of a farm could seldom be hidden. Hands clasped the supervisor, a large man with a tangled beard tries to show respect as he waits for the royal court inspector to arrive. Laborers continue to work but they glance at the guest and food, likely in hunger or something else. A large harani man walks in and glances around, looking disapointed
sapha seems to be a worker of magicorp (dariuss)
Zazussa works at the herb farm
alyeis seems to be in workers garb but seems to not be a farmer
hwan watches everyone
shesmetet is noble and graceful in her blue clothes
hwan seems to think there are alot of firrian guards, does he dislike firrians
alyeis and hwan advertize food
zazussa has worked here since her master was murdered
hwan does not seem to be a manager due to not knowing she worked there ?
sapha does not offer people fruit! she is too intrested in the new foods!
there is shouting behind the closed door of the buildinng, it’s muffled though. Alyeis and the other guest do not seem to mind as they eat and talk casually
asmeret arrives and pokes zazussa
sapha is greeted by shes and happily waves back
sapha seems to be a mess – shesmetet observation
zazussa seems to be working not minding the yelling
the shouting dies down
asmeret has finished finding the info that zazussa wanted from her
alyeis places out cups
wanderer and kora talk, wanderer seems nervous as he weakly greets kora. Followed by servants… followed by servants
eujene has been working in the crowd but joins in
zazussa does not remember asking asmeret for anything but looks at the information anyones
kora and eujene seem awkward,
leng calls for eujene
“she’s” oversea, – asmeret mysterious information
sapha finally realizes that she’s messy
wanderer and kora seem to be in conflict, kora looks at wanderer sligtly annoyed (?), she crosses her hands as wanderer leaves the servants behind, a ew words are heard as wanderer tries to ask for understanding?
Kora gives wanderer a hug!
zazussa does not know why said person is in aurora
eujene is distracted by the crowd and gets sniffed by the leomorph
wanderer wants to go home
khosekh is always a master of drinks
asmeret and zazussa seem to be friends
alyeis passes out cheeses and epensive stuff
eujene has some leomorph patting or interaction
khoshekh’s attire is apperently traditional
kora keeps hugging wanderer telling him to eat some food
zazussa tries to find something to do, clearly bothered by something
khoshekh has fancy pants
hwan does seem to look down on firrian
wanderer seems to have been busy lately
khoshekh drinks wine
eujene wonders why leng is here, leng does not know
kora is not sure why wanderer feels like he’s not “free”
wanderer can’t hurt “those people”? (his families company?) but wants to see vrekka, where’s vrekka?
kora makes a beeline to food breaking conversation
khoshekh calls wanderer “wayward green bean”
shesmetet seems to be shocked at wanderer, stuttering his name as he stares
eujene is confused at lengs reasoning
kora is supprised they don’t know eachother
dariuss has left armed men near the island and vrekka has been stuck at said island?
wanderer seems to be suprised as he’s forced to eat and shesmetet
sapha, a worker at magicorp walks over to wanderer, eating things
zazussa walks past the crowd moving things
neither wanderer or kora know the fate of vrekka
asmeret thinks khoshekh (shirtless firrian) is being rude
shesmetet is confused at the conversation
khoshekh greets asmeret asking if they’ve met
asmeret and khoshekh have never formally talked but they know eachother
kora says something something about shesmetets not brother who is not dead, and then “lysander” ? has he arrived?
khoshekh seems to be proud of supplying drinks
shesmetet is shocked at what kora just said!
eujene has been temporarily working at the herb farm, leng ask if he’s helping zazussa (his master)
sapha uses her skirt as a table
asmeret seems to say there’s a firrian who comes into the palm which resembles khoshekh
kora introduces wanderer as emporor su, wanderer seems to have taken his role as emporer
wanderer is confused about onouris and vrekka, and what’s happened
zazussa sees a pinkish stone? she seems intrested
eujene is working under management
asmeret says that said firrian who resembles khoshekh is “red suit, mohwak, fur, open nights at the palm”
Leng offers to get eujene food
vrekka was let go?
amaljin got a job at the palm
hwan ask alyeis if she’s enjoying herself
wanderer does not seem to be enjoying the situation he’s in
zazussa observes the stone looking for the supervisor
leng grabs food for eujene, a small / average sized plate of lean meat
alyeis seems to be enjoying herself
khoshekh ask asmeret what brings her all the way to the herb farm
vrekka is being taken care of by lysander and samaela
kora seems to have visted eujenes wanderers estate, wanderer seems nervous because of that
sapha continues to evesdrop on all the drama, a spy of the magiccorp
gale enters with a frightened look and a large hood
asmeret is recounting everything that’s happened
eujene hides behind lengs elk under lengs permission
wanderer says everything with dariuss has been aweful
shesmetet seems stressed and confused
zazussa pockets the stone! thieffffff
hwan takes the cheese as a gesture and throws it at the ground
leng cuts the cheese edges and places it back on the table now no longer dirty due to the edges cut off
khoshekh is visiting due to the rare drinks given out
asmeret goes to drink under sudgestions of khoshekh
sapha walks over to zazussa, leng notices but doesn’t do much
kora says that her and wanderers friends are allive
gale collases next to the building with shaking hands, afraid
shesmetet’s tail is lashing angrily
kora makes wandy eat more
leng hears “experiment” and “workers” from asmeret turning over to khoshekh
zazussa walks with sapha
kora looks for ale, shesmetet hugs wanderer under request
alyeis smiles, the smile not quite reaching her eyes at kora’s request for ale
Khoshekh does not seem to want to bother the manager
sapha walks quietly with zazussa
kuyo enters!
nothing intresting seems to be happening with asmeret
gale is still hiding
leng greets kuyo with a loud wave saying “HEYY”
sapha seems to want to throw a rock at kuyos head
kuyo doesn’t seem to like leng 😦
a large burst of flames happens around the trees, a fire
people are panicking and many start to run
asmeret is startled
zazussa is tripped by a noble
wanderer is suprised at the fire
kuyo feels awkward
sapha rolls to the ground and gets suprised by the fire she panicks
gale is shocked by the fire, not fire again!
kora gets smacked in the face by zazussas wings
hwan frowns at the fire
shesmetet clutches wanderer protectively, kora’s outfit is dirtied by ale
people suffer in general because of the fire
zazussa breaks open the cask on her fall,
asmeret breaks from her trance and confusion
wanderer hugs onto momcat (shesmetet
eujene drops his food in suprise
kora glares at zazussa
everyone seems shocked and eujene drops his food
sapha moves away from the fire
sapha is trying to avoid the fire in panick
leng tells eujene to start healing as zazussa gets up from the stampede, shesmetet wants to find a way out
hwan tells workers to put out fire
alyeis helps put out fire via water
khoshekh walks towards the fire
kuyo waves at eujene and thanks leng for the “warning”
zazussa throws alchol onto the fire trying to help
zazussa’s closed wet with alchol are on fire, leng ask if she can survive a arrow (so he can help)
leng sends a arrow close to the foot of zazussa sligthly dousing the fire via the mist cloud
leng tosses mist arrows to zazussa just in case she catches on fire again
asmeret helps to clear the fire with buckets
wanderer cast ice and water spells
sapha is still panicking
kora tries to help sapha while leng just puts a cloak over her to help with the heat
Khoshekh uses the hauler to douse fire
sapha tries to attack kora by instinct but lengs cloak blocks sapha’s strike for kora
zazussa helps douse the fire
wanderer keeps casting magic and eujene heals
the fire goes out
sapha is still panicking and hides under a wagon
shesmetet gets the animals out
the fire is gone
things seem to have fallen down in scale
shesmetet calms the animals
sapha is in total panick mode not noticing anything as leng tries to comfort her
khoshekh’s snowlion is calm
abdul looks inconvinenced
zazussa does not have clothing, it burned or taken off, leng throws her a cloak
sapha is shocked by lengs apple, pale
sapha’s mount pale is near her
wanderer seems happy that mostly everyone is fine
alyeis is drentched in suit
gale is panicking about fire, likely having past trauma
zazussa seems all together disheiviled and but fine
hwan is pristine, strangely
zazussa does not want to be healed when leng tells her to get healed from eujene
kora ask for injuries
khoshekh is concerned about the wine
shesmetet blushes seeing zazussa
sapha realizes she’s wet from the water spells
kora comforts sapha
leng overestimates eujene
zazussa comforts sapha
khoshekh seems fine
sapha seems scared hugging zazussa
kora lets zazussa take care of sapha
alyeis looks at the aftermath
kuyo comments on how executioners think they’re justified and thus don’t feel guilt
wanderer is whispered to by a servant
sapha and zazussa talk to eachother, zazussa comforting sapha
leng goes over to make sure asmeret is doing fine, she says she’s fine but leng heals her anyways
gale is lost puppy
kora and shesmetet dislike servant
wanderer needs to go back
alyeis is exhausted
hwan is odly calm and clean,
wanderer needs to go back for things
asmeret is totally fine it seems, leng is worrying about everyone but is happy that eujene is so helpful
sapha starts to relax
kora notices kuyo
shes and kora are worried about wanderer, they need to catchup
zazsussa and sapha seem to be doing better
asmeret wonders what started the fire and from lengs estimation it may be assasination plan
hwan talks about how capable people seem to be
kora seems to be suspicious of hwan
leng goes to check up on the others
leng checks up on eujene
alyeis checks up on kora
kuyo was about to say something but lengs apperence and compliments of eujene stopped him, kuyo and eujene are talking to eachother
wanderer seems to be lonely and frustrated
zazussa puts sapha in charge of her machine
hwan says the royal court will investigate the matter
alyeis looks at the people again, wanderer tells people that he must go
kuyo says the inspector will give glowing marks for this place, sarcastically
shesmetet leans against sokar looking up at the sky
kora ends the conversation
eujene feels abit more relaxed as he stops a laugh and smiles
lengs cat, my horse, pats shesmetet who seems to be distressed
zazussa reclaims the pink stone
kuyo wonders why everyone brought all the creatures
hwan notices the pink stone and looks shocked
lengs cat gives shesmetet a peach, the elk promptly brings it away
asmeret ask kora if this is how parties normally go
zazussa inspects the stone trying to lok through it
alyeis walks over to hwan and follows his line of sight at zazussa
leng walks over, alyeis walks over and ask zazussa what she found
kora glances at zazussa’s behavoir
kuyo talks about how the mounts should be in stables
kora said that the party was intresting
asmeret watches them talk (zazussa and alyeis
sapha has discolored skin under her bright purple makeup
kuyo has a sickly white greenman?
kuyo watches sapha
leng listens in on alyeis’s conversation,
alyeis looking over to the burn site thinking about the warm stone
leng goes over to gale to check up on him
alyeis is worried sounding concerned
gale seems to be getting better
kora comments on how nobles would be more unlikely to leave their houses / towns from now on
leng tosses gale a apple
asmeret aggrees
alyeis wraps the stone in a cloth to wrap the stone
eujene and kuyo both have greenman!
asmeret wonders where wanderer got everyone following him
asmeret hasn’t been to the palm much since the holidays
zazussa ask alyeis if they should search for more
shesmetet moves over to sapha
gale seems worried about the bloodthirsty people
hwan ask zazussa if she’s worked here
leng offers to teach gale some skills
zazussa confirms to working here
sapha gives shes a shakey smile
hwan ask for the supervisor
kuyo has some sulking to do
asmeret has heard complaints about animals?
gale thinks that “they” did this, leng of course ask if he knows
eujene waves at kuyo as kuyo leaves
kuyo’s greenman recognizes eujene
kora wonders about what zazussa found
it seems like zazussa’s supervisor ran
zazussa does not seem to be comfortable, afraid oftalking to her supervisor
leng butts in to try and get zazussa to go somewhere else, being a annoying person he enjoys meddling with other’s buisness
zazussa’s supervisor seems to be mean and she seems to be scared
sapha is calming down more, pale
alyeis tries to find something to help zazussa
eujene seems to be fine, having fallen asleep, shesmetet has checked up on him
it seems like alyeis has taken the stone, zazussa tells kora that
eujene waves at sapha
sapha retrieves a tin with “mc” on it (magicorp) and paints herself again with the reflection
eujene worries about his friends always a soft boi
hwan mentions the only ones left are the ones who fought the fire
shesmetet looks down at her soaked dress
zazussa said something about leng sapha and asmeret not talking about the stone
kora smiles at everyone looking at the ground
asmeret also looks at the ground, the two seem to be searching for something
zazussa seems to be wanting to go home to look for clothes, she offers to talk to hwan at her house
eujene is calming down more
hwan looks around and says that they can talk later, there is no need to go to her house
sapha finishes her makeup
hwan assures that no one will know about it
zazussa says that talking to hwan is no bother, she just doesn’t want to embarass the others
kora searches through the plants
sapha starts to smile smelling lavenders,
kora ask asmeret where the fire started
asmeret answers saying it encircled them
hwan ask about workplace safety and the supervisor from zazussa, zazussa says that he does when elephants can fly
hwan ask for details
everything seems to be calming down
shesmetet wonders if they’re figuring out what happened
asmeret references how she was too distracted to notice the explosion, she heard about it from leng
sapha looks at the other group realizing how many are left, and have left. she feels anxious
last year based on zazussa’s report there was a fever, 2 deaths last month, a roof cave in, and missing shipments to towers
zazussa stops having more to say but thinking its a good place to conclude
kora mentions how mahadevi has alot of explosions
hwan says he has heared enough and that it was a pleasure talking to zazussa,
shesmetet says shes going to head home
asmeret said she ran off last time there was a explosion,
sapha gives a thankful wave as she looks sad needing to guard the wagon
zazussa comments on how if she wasn’t here it would be even worse
alyesis still has not returned
hwan, the inspector, motions to his leomorph and seemingly is ready to leave
everyone says their goodbyes and leave
zazussa is now covered in a banana leaf two piece
sapha and zazussa talk both wearing lengs cloak
eujene, sapha, zazussa have all assembled, leng also arrives!
event end

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