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Interview with grimjack !

Here is our interview with the mysterious masked man grimjack! He’s quite strange and enigmatic but hopefully everyone enjoys!

Leng: “hello mr grimjack as i am led to know you by, can we first of all confirm at this is not a kidnapping by me and of total free will?”

Leng: “as you can probably understand it was hard to get ahold of you and I’d like to avoid any acquisitions on my paper”

Grimjack: “You can confirm whatever you want, but I don’t know that I agree with it. Maybe this really is a kidnapping. I’ve never been kidnapped before, how would I know when it’s happening?”

Grimjack scratches the back of his head idly. “So, what’d you not-kidnap me for?”

Leng: “You have caught alot of attention with your actions at the palm with your mask and large bids, with your mysterious persona many would be intrested in learning more about you!”

Grimjack scoffs. “That’s depressing, I can’t imagine a more boring person to be interested in. Although, maybe you’ll change my mind.”

Leng: “Many would like to ask about your mask and the mysterious persona in general, ‘why do you wear the mask’ a reader which wants to remain annonymous ask ‘for your or our protection?’ You don’t need to answer if this is too personal”

Grimjack: “This mask? If you want an honest answer I wear it because the mask under it isn’t nearly as well designed, athough… the mask under that. Well, that was three masks ago I don’t like talking about that one. It’s definitely for your protection though, trust me the other masks still give me nightmares.”

Leng nods
Leng: “its very reasonable that you want to hide less nice looking mask, if i wore a mask which looked ugly I’d get another mask too” leng says agreeing. “With your vast fortunes do you have anything to say about the current inheretence crisis?”

Grimjack bursts into laughter. “My vast fortunes? Just how much do you think I get paid? I can barely afford to feed myself doing what I do. I once had to eat a lava lamp. That part isn’t because of the financial situation, but I still did it. Anyway, what’s this about an inheritance crisis?”

Leng: “there seems to be some drama between the wanderer, a green haired haranhi, and his family. Have you not heard of it?”

Grimjack: “Well put the kids to bed and kick the cat, we got some breaking news. I didn’t even know Wandy had a family.”

Leng: “ah spoilers! Uhh just pretend like i never told you and find out about it organically okay?”
Leng says clasping his hands
Leng: “shhhh”

Grimjack: “No need to worry about that, I forget things on a regular basis.”

A cat gets punted over towards them with a elk giving a snicker as leng looks over
Leng: “he didn’t mean that litterally…”
Leng says with a sigh
Leng: “do you have any intresting things to tell everyone? You’re quite a enigmatic figure so far”

Grimjack: “Well, I like to consider myself a bit of a bad boy. In fact, I once watched porn without masturbating. Just to disrespect the actresses. Occasionally, I like to pitch ideas for novels or plays to strangers I meet on the street.”

Leng nods
Leng: “how frightening! I imagine that will intrest many people”
Leng laughs slightly
Leng: “our last reader would like to ask ‘why’, i find this is the perfect time to ask”
Leng says laughing lightly

Grimjack: “Well, it’s not that complicated actually. On the outside I may appear like an emotionless, sarcastic piece of shit. But, I’ve got layers, sort of like an onion. When you peel off enough layers you realize it’s the exact same thing every single time and you start crying.”

Leng: “Thats why you shoot onions at a distsnce with a flaming arrow, cooks them”
Leng nods
Leng: “i don’t like cutting onions”

Leng: “that was very intresting”
Leng says scratching his cheek
Leng: “i ran out of questions… i swear i had more!”

Grimjack: “Well then interviewer, it’s my turn to ask you the questions.”

Leng: “uh oh- er… sure!”

Grimjack: “Which way are you most scared of dying? Most people get this one wrong.”

Leng: “getting stabbed and slowly consumed by our last interviewee, mixing necromancy and healing potions to infinitely extend the pain over a bombardment of tenticles”

Leng says without any hesitation

Grimjack nods. “Decent answer, well done. I also would’ve accepted ‘drowning on fire’.”

Leng: “i mean even worse is getting hereaftered into yourself, instant death but I’d imagine painful getting ripped through time and space itself”
Leng says with a shrug
Leng: “whats your worst fear?”

Grimjack: “I once spent a considerably lengthy vacation in between time and space. I suppose my worst fear would be going through that again. Or perhaps waking up with three testicles in the shape of only one testicles.”

Leng shivers slightly
Leng: “that sounds painful and gruesome, thats why i avoid things like that, i think this is a good stopping point though”

Grimjack: “I agree wholeheartedly. I’d like to offer one last piece of advice to your readers before I leave, if that’s quite alright?”

Leng: “sure! It was nice talking to you today”

Grimjack nods. “My advice to your readers is this: Always pause and say ‘You can show yourself now’ before you leave a room. One day there’ll actually be someone there and they’ll be
really impressed.”

Grimjack: “It’s served me well on many occasions.”

Leng nods a few times agreeing
Leng: “or you could get a smoke bomb and run out of every room, even more fun. I knew a dude who did that once…”

Grimjack: “It might even be worth the irreversible lung damage. Thank you for a lovely interview, it was almost a pleasure.”

Leng nods and smiles
Leng: “it was pleasant, have a good day mr grim jack!”

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