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Open palm 1/15/2020

Sadly I had to leave due to other matters not concerning the palm, the notes end at 10:14 pm est but any important events shall be acquired from my contacts and associates at a later time – leng

A few people are at the bar today, far less than a few days ago, zazussa sits at the corner, amajin tends the bar, yuriela uses the window like a ordering station, and shesmetet and tani sit on the counter chairs.
Shesmetet has fallen ill with an “infection”
zazussa is out of things to do as it is winter, a time when pay ends and so does anything she normally does.
seia observes the fellow firrian shesmetet
asmeret sneaks up and stares at yureila
darius sits alone staring at the piano
the bartender amajin has mixed up the prices! 25 and 30 silver!
asmeret does not like drinking rum
asmeret climbs through a window with yureila still outside
seia says kora has good attitude unless it’s here, one day she will punch kora
shesmetet says they are alike
amajin dumps old hot tea water on yureila getting her angry
amajin does not appologize to yureila
sapha enters and hugs darius
amajin is undercharging,
sapha moved over to sit with zazussa and leng,
shesmetet tells amajin to appologize for possibly hurting yureila, amajin defends himself by saying it was yureila’s turn for staying there
a funny conversation
seia “unless bitch, then no apologize”
amajin “beetch? what
s that? different from ashholes?”
amajin appologizes, not sounding very sure. he distracts himself with asmeret
tokiharu joins the rp ! radius invite with skye too~
tokiharu is a gaunt man with a will to inspect the doorframe and enviorment
leng reads to his students , sapha and zazussa “green eggs and ham”
kuyo is unbanned
kuyo is bad at playing music and cries, leng doesn’t mind though kuyo! you’ll get better
tokiharu is more civilized than everyone as seia calls others names :p
amajin has learned how to use beechhh
dariuss seems to just be relaxing, he then moves to the bar with everyone else
tokiharu seems haughty
dariuss buys “cheap alchol”? and uses “please?” character development?
Lorik walks in, a firrian who seems quite simple and content
tokiharu seems to be rich
kuyo enters! on the roof
dariuss seems to have a less formal way of speaking now, weird
sapha notices lorrik and produces a expresion as if she knows him! her ears are eger at his sight
lorikk seems to be formal, but not overly impolite
tokiharu says he would need to opperate on himself implying himself to be a doctor
sapha seems very intrested in lorrik
lorikk seems like a popular figure
tokiharu is a doctor physician and healer
zazussa noticed that no one had really ordered anything yet
lorrik seems to be taking orders for the corner group (leng, zazussa and sapha)
sapha likes ribs,
amajin leaves the building,
leng needs to leave for some “personal matters”
lorrik is now working at the bar

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