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Archival post, Date auction at the palm 12/23/2019

Wanderer is brought to near tears as people joke about the nature of the event, starting around 10 minutes late he walks to the podium. calling the names of each person they stand up and say something along the lines of “here”. Soon the auction is interupted by hwan, someone wanting to get people into debt and taking the auction as a opportunity to do so, he walks up and says something along the lines of “anyone who wants to take a loan can go to me in the corner”, he walks off. soon the auction starts in alphabetical order. Most but not everyone is here today, first goes asmeret.
1-150 gold goes in 1 gold incriments, asmeret is the first to be auctioned off. The auction starts slowly with 1 gold bids, however soon it rises to 100! Leng goes for 120! 130! and then 140, 141 is called, 141 and some silver is called, however this place only accepts gold. As such leng wins, and goes up to pat asmeret, ending their date. This is important as it preludes and hints at the sky high bids later on. (Asmeret is cute so ofc she started it off with a high bid!)
Second up in the alphabetical is aurum, this bid gets even more heated, it goes to 150! kora and auruminum seem to hit it up as auruminum is won. (leng could only see the blushing)
Third up was gale, a competition which is not as energetic to start but goes up to 100, tahmoh bidding wanting to get a picture date thingy! Wanderer was slow to count at first but now seems abit more composed, less suprised at the large amounts of money being thrown out, people are getting antsy at the amount of money being used, some jealous some not. at the end however gale drops his painting and runs after it, wanderer is forced to step off the stage to help. The picture is thankfully saved some people who talk in a western accent are being noisy inside the bar as everything goes down, gale’s bid ends at 100. it went once, twice. tahmoh has won the painter in the cute way she does đŸ™‚
A straggler known as yureila arrives around 28 minutes in
Forth up is grimjack, he starts off as mute but with people being unable to follow he is soon motioned to by north… what is their relation, that he can talk. with some disapointment he starts to introduce himself, apperently north was commanding him to “act normal” or in this case… not talk! Shes bids with 6, seia adds a sharp comment, grimjack tells a tale of weirdness and wyverents, and naked! This was alot less intense than the other ones, it plateus at 10, then 12, before weirdness starts to hapen, the one being bidded on dissapears and appears near, bewildering himself and many others. it eventually gets to 15, it starts at 15 going once, this is the lowest first going once so far. It goes twice and words of “pity” are given to the winner by those in the stand, 15 gold, the lowest bid. Alexander has won. Something intresting happens, the green haired auctioneer, known as wanderer, ask the elf alexander to pass in the gold via mail, while everyone else did it by hand… how strange?, grimjack however passes the gold to wanderer himself… paying for alexander to pay for himself?
fith goes kora- who starts to introduce herself only to be rudely interupted by leng, “she likes bashing things with hammers” and then the owner of the place north “she’s rude and calls people names”, the bid starts at 5 gold with shes but the one who was bought by kora, auruminium bids 10, then shes 20, wanderer, the auctioneer bids 25 gold. the bid war keeps going and kora ask wanderer if 45 gold is all she’s worth, wanderer bids 50, shes bids 60, it’s getting heated! HOWEVER a dark horse arrives, gale bids 65 so that kora can teach gale what a date is before gale goes on his! leng sudgest gale get lessons from wanderer so that wanderer can afford even higher bids! there is a war between wanderer and shes for kora, it was a light hearted bid war however. Leng is totally shipping kora x wanderer, kuyo however watches from the FOURTH WALL. “raise price for music?” kora ask. grimjack bids 111 gold! why is he intrested in kora? no one knows! 111 is the standing bid says wanderer, feeling defeated yet no longer nervous about the rummors on the nature of the auction (mostly anyways). kora pouts at shes as she is bought with grimjack… who doesn’t know what or who he bought.

2 hours have passed so far

Sixth out of eleven is lexine, she jumps on the stage doing a grin. energetic is she the first, however it seems like the audience is off topic talking about hair. the girl seems to be frightened as we wait for her to speak, the bidding starts at 5 gold as we wait, people prefer to wait to know what they’re “buying” – a red nelouise. yureila bids 7 gold, this is the first bid and it starts it offf! although dead silent before now kora bids, likely due to competition and without need for words the bid starts. however even without words it goes to 18, safely saving itself from last. lexine finally starts talkingabout herself, this seems to be her first date and she seems energetic and egar to learn about the world. kora brings the money to 18 and tahmoh to 25, the bid starts to increase. wanderer bids 55 but yureila cuts it off with… 51, before pouting. the bid eventually goes once at 56, the bid goes twice, and the masked grimjack adds 10 + 3 from the lexi! making it a “better number” in his words, 69. it goes twice- twice in a row. “that is a sex number” seia says. yureila gets it for 69! and the westerners say… nice
leng analysis: it seems like the big spenders have capped off, the max being 150~ gold for most bids, it’s likely the rest of the bids will stay sub 100.
seventh goes shesmetet! Lengs rival in bidding and a big spender herself. Being such a big spender so far, in almost every war, she gets quite a few cheers. She has a nice red dress of which most people think is nice looking, many comment on her dress as she introduces herself. She is a hunter, fighter, reader, learner, and also rider, and dancer. The bid starts at 10 gold! a all time first high! auruminium bids 12 gold, it seems quite tame at the start although the first bid was high, kora bids 15 continuing the uptick and forcing kho to go but a few seconds later with 18, the war has started. Auruminium wanted to bid 17 but upon hearing 18 she stops, the wanderer as he is called bids 25, after a while kora bids with 30 gold, it seems like kora is after all the girls. as pointed out by sinestra, tahmoh bids 50 gold for “shiny person” which i assume is aruminium, kora bids 55, auruminium blushes, tahmoh bids 60 (which i assume is for auruminium), kora bids 65, hwan seems to have no debitors so far. 65 going once, “seventy… shiney person and shes need date” tahmoh says shipping auruminium and shes, takaris bids 69 getting a few “nice”s but 70 is greater, takaris bids 79 then, “79 is not a sex number” seia says helpfully, “not with that attitude” sinestra says. shesmetet gets a dagger, sinestra seems amused. tahmoh bids 80 for shiny lady! “going for 80…” wanderer says. kora grins at the dagger and with new found happiness bids 85! it goes for 85, it goes twice for 85, shesmetet is sold for 85 to kora! she does a small dance. kora has a double date?
eighth person goes up, sinestra causing kora to whistle sudgestively, wanderer seems to be embarassed as he turned away. sinestra seems to be a hunter who relishes power and knows a thing or two about romance. She is the first truely skimpily clad person so far. Wanderer stutters as he starts the bid, this seems to be something with *high* intrest as the bid starts right away, 5, 10, 11! the bid slows for a good period, takaris bids 15 gold. Tahmoh jumps the line entirely with a bid for 35, then kora jumps her with 40!, takaris bids 45! shesmetet bids 50! a bid war has started as this stuff escelates. the bid continues with 51, then 55, then 60, then 61, it seems to be increasing at a good pace. not the most heated but most people are spent, a shame as this would have gotten quite high bids before. grimjack jumps by 40 and gets to 100! a wild jump in price ending the bids for a period. it goes once for 100, it goes twice for 100! and she’s sold! although prior this was a low bid amount now after a dry spell this is truely a suprise! this makes grimjack the second double winner of the night.
now tahmoh goes up, she introduces herself, she likes exploring and tasty drinks, she seems to be quite a happy person with enthusiasm to spare! she also seems to like cats! tahmoh also enjoys climbing. Starting at 5 gold north takes the first bid with 30! it jumps in incriments of 10 and 5! 40, 45! 50, 60! 67!70! this firrian is wildly popular, both extremely peppy and charasmatic i can see why. 71 to takaris! the bid war is fast and ferrocious! netiah to 75! wanderer bids 80! , tahmoh starts dancing in the silence, everyone stares. takaris bids 89, 89 gold going once, 89 going twice! it goes to 90! 90 going once… a large creature comes inside! black and feathered and named screach (owner nelouise), tahmoh thinks the weird bird thing is a dog and leng aggrees that dogs (goose) are cute! 90 going twice. sold! tahmoh is sold to netiah
tenth out of 11, alexander the westerner walks on stage. he seems composed as he gives a calm smile with his hands behind his back… he sadly, is not the famous one. he sounds like a mercenery from what we can get through his good, but flawed, haranhi language. he is a battle cleric with the auruminum dragons. he is also a fortune teller. this is gales first time painting a **REAL** elf. bidding starts at 5, 10, 11, 12, 20, 22, 29, it goes up faster than normal, people seem to be invested but not willing to go too high, it goes up to 30 for gale, auruminimum seems to be slacked on coin as she looks at her purse, takaris bids 39, everyone seems low on money, auruminium seems to not want him for any special reason but gale also seems to want. sinestra bids for 50 and shesmetet bids for 60! takaris after a small break bids for 65, sinestra bids 70, this western elf seems to have alot of intention as people smoothly drop money towards him. Gale bids 75, he may have some problems eating well in the future however… takaris follows up with 79, gale follows up after abit with 80… clearly running out of money. 80 going once for gale… eighty going twice! gale wins alexander and a bonus prize of starvation! gale buys alexander to draw
the final, the eleventh, out of 11 is… wanderer! the auctioneer! it goes crazy high crazy fast going to 55 gold within 5 bids, wanderer is skilled in languages and it goes to 60! sinestra winks at kora as takaris brings it up to 66! sinestra follows close with seventry! wanderer is staring at his feet… it goes to 80! 89! 100! sinestra takaris and tahmoh are in a bid war! kora bids 110 looking happy! 120 sinestra back stabs her! this is the first bid to break the 100 barrier since a few auctions ago- but shesmetet breaks all the records by going to 200! this is the highest bid in the entire time! she has broke any records taking both the last, and also the highest bid! sinestra however does not let her win, 250! shesmetet seems intent on going all the way, 300! 330 to shesmetet! 340! to sinestra! 350! they are in a spiral in which both will suffer… 360 to sinestra! 400 to sheshmetet! 500 to sinestra! this is truely the creme de crop of this, everyone is in chock at the display! 500 going once – kora, shesmetet not winning takes out a dagger and plays with it, 500 going twice! 500 to sinestra!

First bid: leng at 141 (for asmeret)
Last bid: sinestra at 500 (for wanderer)
Highest bid: 500 for sinestra
Constant bidders: Kora, Sinestra, Sinestra, gale, tahmoh, grimjack, wanderer
Hot volunteers: Wanderer, tahmoh
Nice: Lexie


Some banter and light flirting and some joking about lewdness and clothing takes place, people start to leave and people go sleep… sweaters are taken off and generally the party starts to die down, the bidders and biddies are brought together, and poverty spreads across the land

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