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Palm event, 1/12/2020

On the aftermath of the nook event, of which i have only heard brief rumors and descriptions of through my otherworldly knowledge and onouris i saw firsthand the aftermath today, although unconfirmed from what we’ve seen onouris is not totally out for the count.

Today there was alot of drama, a tense atmosphere, and the smell of death in the wind. From necromancer to now a political struggle the hero of it all seems to be scared, for himself, his friends, and the very things which define him as a person. Today I, Leng, Will tell you about what happened during today’s open palm!

Wanderer and the sucession

Now surrounded by familiar faces and new faces wanderer has a drink, at the bar khoshekh is on semi duty with a mysterious bartender tending to the bar in kora’s absence. (Note the recounting of the first few hours are shaky due to me not being there and instead only hearing from night.) In the corner zazussa, my student sits, on the bar table, a few drinkers and a few body guards inside the bar and around the tables. Wanderer sings a song as people talk happily

I walked to the corner and talked to my disciple about my new student wanting to learn about healing, he had a appointment to meet with her but from what i’ve heard he was slowed down by a vicious dog.

After wanderer sat down to get a drink himself leaving the bar free of singing the drama came in. Dariuss walking over to wanderer starts talking about succession to him, wanderer is apparently the heir of a vast fortune of which belongs to his grandfather. His “real” grandfather… and dariuss has “proof”

Wanting wanderer to embrace this fortune for honor or self gain dariuss tells wanderer that his grandmother who raised him… wanderer cut in with the fact that he was raised by his grandfather, dariuss follows up with the fact that his grandfather was not his real grandfather. Wanderer, outraged, seems agitated as dariuss continues to tell him that his grandfather was a great man, this greatman however was revealed to have killed wanderer’s father. The “true” grandfather in question was then revealed to have been the rich and final heir of the Su family. Wanderer being the “true” successor after him.

Dariuss tells wanderer that he can make the decision if he wants to or not take the fortune, the fortune from the “monster” wanderer had heard about as a youth. Wanderer ask for more time and the fellow members of the bar comfort him. Wanderer with a chip on his shoulder, fear in his heart, and still bad memories from the nook but a few nights before wanderer breaks down.

Wanderer is comforted by many of those in the bar, his main worry about harming the others by relation. A fear of dariuss remains in his heart as they go upstairs. I have left at this point.

Side news

This section will be of news that has been revealed to me during the side talk at the open palm

>Auruminium has guilt towards what happened at the nook between her and dariuss, the situation seems complicated and their relationship has yet to be seen

>Dariuss has done a good deed seemingly in helping Zazussa regrow her wings and removing her inhibitor (Zazussa mentioned that she may have exploded/been a bomb if that was not removed, if she would have died herself as a warborn that is not certain).

>Leng (me) and Asmeret are on less nice terms seemingly, I am fearful of what may come in the future. I don’t know what happened once I left to get away from dariuss… I don’t like him.

>Eujene has encountered Zazussa and tried becoming her student, as there was so much drama no concrete relation was created.

>Takaris seems to want wings (zazussa’s)

>Asmeret seems dismissive of leng at best

>Wanderer is good at singing and playing his lute

>Zazussa is not use to good attention

>A mysterious black crow has appeared!

>There were two westerners, one of them rocking a great haircut.

>Can’t all cats use magic?


Today relationships were tested, secrets were unveiled, fears created. I too fear for the future, but only time can show me what is to come. I wish everything will end up going well for everyone, I can’t help but keep my distance from dariuss.

2 thoughts on “Palm event, 1/12/2020

    1. “From what i know kuyo it seems like zazussa got them back after having dariuss remove her inhibitor… he has a thing for befriending warborn women it seems” – leng


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