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Interview with onouris

Hello everyone, today we have a interview with a important character in the events of last Friday. I present to you the renowned necromancer, tentacle monster, and now pile of ash, Onouris! Today we will be asking him questions about how he feels about the events of friday and his untimely death!

Leng: so onouris i’ve heard you’ve recently died, would you be up for a interview?

Onouris sits up. Now a mass of ash, blood, and tentacles

Onouris: I’ll have you know that dying is quite bothersome.

Leng nods to this statement

Leng: Indeed, indeed, I would imagine that dying is so. Can you describe to our readers how it felt being turned to ash in the latest episode?

Onouris: Painful initially, then all the nerves are burned away and there’s not much feeling at all. It was quite a relief, actually. I had been in pain for quite some time.

Leng: The producers gave you quite a bad ending right there, I didn’t expect you dying so soon. Do you have anything to say about the suddenness of your death?

Onouris steeples a hand and a cluster of tentacles

Onouris: Ah, the plans of both mice and men are often laid swiftly aside. I underestimated the Wanderer. I am most intrigued by how his path will wind.

Leng: Indeed the wanderer is quite a mysterious fellow, I can see from his nickname alone that he has something for confidentiality. I am also eagerly watching to see what may unfold

Leng: Do you have anything to say to our readers before we start asking questions submitted by them?

Onouris: Death is but a doorway, time is but a window.

Leng nods at this piece of wisdom

Leng: I see that you have in one way or another accepted your own mortality… Now off to the questions!


Leng: A anonymous reader would like to ask: “why u a weird studio ghibli tentacle monster”, do you have anything to say to this?

Onouris: It was an unexpected and necessary evolution on my path to power.

Leng: Does that mean you have plans of coming back from the dead like many villains before you?

Onouris: Now, now, that would be telling. But I had many plans in motion when I was untimely ended. Perhaps some will bear fruit.

Leng: A mysterious one I see, I will be hoping to see what you have set for the future if any.


With the death of Onouris, what will come in the future? Possible plots and tribulations? Or perhaps a slow sizzle into obscurity? Only the future can tell… This was Leng with haranyan news.

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