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Major event summary: earthquake, 1/19/2020

Underinspection by the reporter known as leng we at haranyan news blog have found that the earthquake which hit today on the 19th of January has been caused by earth elementals. A possible connection to the reaper and before it the opened lure full of rot. We are unsure if there is a valid connection but investigations are underway. Today during the regularly scheduled palm meetup on sunday, labled as “sunday funday” a earthquake hit mahadevi, prior to this a mysterious flammable fluid made of corpse and rot was found to be inside certain lures. When burned a reaper was summoned and soon after the quakes were felt. Our reporter on the scene shall speak

Leng: “it seems from my investigations that no one has seen the reaper other than me, however the effects of the earthquake have been observed to have been from agitated earth elementals, the damage seems to waver from large to small amounts of damage likely due to this not being a real earthquake. Some bottles are still preserved inside of the palm and anything held down should remain in tact. Looking over the nearby buildings only the most rickety fell but the damage is severe to those who fell.”

Reporter leng had been looking for any survivors inside of the wreckage earlier and can safely say that the local area of the palm has been mostly cleared, the sand likely caused slightly more damage due to it’s shakiness as a foundation but we warn citizens to be on the lookout for future tremors. Those who are near mahadevi may notice some small rumbles but they seem to not be large enough to be fearful of, stay safe and this is haranyan news. signing out


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