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Open palm 1/22/2020

A very long post for you folks, this went for 3 hours before closing due to zazussa’s shift ending. Onouris gale, and dariuss sapha + lorrik continued talking after (will not be further documented)

Khoshekh arrives! he has bottles of alchol
leng tani and zazussa are already at the bar
zazussa laughs in the face of danger
tani calls zazussa addorable and zazussa calls her out for a pass!
khoshekh brings bottles in, he seems to be helped by seia, a tiny person
tani is shocked by the counter and retracts her flirt!
khoshekh is impressed by seia
seia knows that she is strong
apperently zazzusa has a nickname from tani which spreads for calling her pretty or cute alot!
tani is blushing from zazzusa’s observation and pats her cheeks a few times! she is glad that zazzusa has been distracted
shesmetet arrives
zazzusa notices the blushing! how observant!
leng says that their relationship is cute and tani grumbles when shes takes away zazussa’s attention! is she jealous!?
zazzusa gives shes her cup of drinks
shesmetet ask how people are doing
seia manages to be obtrusive
tani says to shes that she’s doing good
leng says that he’s doing well because his student is getting along well with a cute girl
zazussa manages to dodge seia wondering if somethings wrong with her
shesmetet looks at the person who said hECK, khoshekh enforces language
tani threatens leng for saying what he did
leng says that it’s someone else- maybe
zazzusa is questioned about her wings
sapha walks down the stairs with dariuss arm in arm with new clothing and shoes
tani threatens leng more
dariuss is indeed holding sapha on her arms greeting everyone
leng pouts to tanis threats
zazussa says that tani seems to be comfortable with her presence
dimeo arrives and looks for a menu
sapha breaks the arm hold and walks over to the bar and waves to zazussa, she wants to hug him but is unable to do so
dariuss seems sad that the arm hold is broken, but suprised that it lasted so long
tani says she trust zazussa because of course she would (having a heart of gold)
Khoshekh drinks
Zazussa says that her words were still valid at how close they’ve gotten (her and tani)
shesmetet glances down the bar at the new person (Dimeo)
seia wonders where the musicians (wandy and north) are!
khoshekh looks at the beach
dimeo ask for rum
tani contemplates her life for a moment
dariuss ask sapha how comfortable she thinks the armor is and glances over at everyone
zazussa ask if dimeo wants a single rum
shesmetet sips her tea
dimeo ask about the cost but agrees to the single rum, the cost is 15 silver but the tab can be held, zazussa is willing to create a tab if he cannot afford
seia pokes a key
shesmetet looks at seia
sapha looks at her armor and shrugs before waving to leng
dimeo agrees to the tab
leng waves back to sapha
seia slams the keys getting back to work (?) of whatever she’s doing
zazzusa goes to deliver the drinks and looks over to dariuss and sapha asking what they’d like
darius advertizes his armor to the bar
sapha stands up offering zazussa a hug
dariuss ask for greenbeans
zazussa hugs and kisses saphas head asking if she wants rips of steak
shesmetet looks at seia
tani yawns and listens in
seia leans on the walls near shesmetet
sapha has no money so she looks to darius wrinkling her nose at the sound of vegetables which she will not eat
zazzusa says that greenbeans will be 10 or so minutes
dariuss orders for sapha asking her what she wants
shesmetet and seia talk
sapha tries to motion what she wants
shesmetet says that she is alone
dimeo frowns at the rum
zazzusa says that sapha wants ribs
khoshekh stares at the bookshelf titles
darius calls sapha or zazzusa (it’s not clear) little angel, and says there will be ribs, he orders ribs
shesmetet ask seia how she’s been
sapha seems happy by the ribs
dimeo looks for any stains on his clothing
sapha does not say anything to the question of drinks
seia says she’s been working too much
khoshekh looks at books more and pulls out a cover to look at it
seia claims the seat
lorrik arrives nonchalantly
dariuss orders red wine
khoshekh’s clone (well look alike) arrives named lorrik!
sapha waves to lorrik shyly and happily as he enters
tani looks at lorrik
seia says that she needs to not work work ?
lorrik takes what he wants from the cabinates without asking
shesmetet says “i see” and then “i think” to what seia says
seia has two jobs
zazussa ask lorrik to make a rack of ribs for sapha
shesmetet ask what seia’s other job is
seia responds saying devigard
lorrik says that he will as long as there’s enough meat in the basement
shesmetet says she’s heard “devigard” (i think) before
dimeo frowns looking to his right at seia and shesmetet
zazussa says there’s indeed enough meat
dariuss ask sapha if the advertizement for the comfort armor needs work
sapha gives a nod agreeing that it needs work
shesmetet says she’s heard of it from someone and looks through her journal
lorrik goes to make the ribs tapping sapha as he walks past
dimeo says he has heard of devigard with “who ~hasn’t~ heard of devigard”
sapha blushes as she gets passed by lorrik
dimeo says that it’s a club for children when their parents work, a daycare
dariuss agrees that he should add more convolution to his advertizment
seia looks offended at dimeo
zazussa says that lorrik will cook for sapha and dariuss
dimeo is stared at in confusion by shesmetet
zazussa checks on tani
seia seems offended greatly, seia has broken speach
two haranhi men walk into the bar sitting in a bench, they seem to be related to dariuss
tani is relaxed staring at the ceiling with a small grin
dimeo groans in annoyance
zazussa ask if tani is thinking about her, saying that she wouldn’t be against it (leng ships~)
lorrik cooks
sapha stares at dariuss with a flat eyed stare
dimeo tells seia to calm her tits and calm down, he doesn’t know her
shesmetet scowls at that statement
tani stammers and seems confused by how flirty zazzusa was being
dariuss makes a playful grin at sapha
gale says that it’s a busy night as he walks in sitting at a far away table with his sketchbook
seia squints at dimeo asking for him to explain
zazussa has read a book on flirting, she then looks at dimeo saying he should take it outside since she doesn’t like to throw people out
sapha looks dreamily at lorrik… or more accurately at his ribs (steak, of course!)
shesmetet say’s that there’s no problem… yet
tani ask what book zazzusa was reading which taught her about flirting
dimeo says that he just came for a drink
dariuss hands sapha a handkerchief
tani ignores the drama
seia ask dimeo if he’s disguised
zazussa has read “dating for dummies”
dimeo wonders why seia is talking to him
gale looks at the crowd nervously as he starts making a scortch on some wood (drawing materials?)
Seia scowls and calls dimeo a stupid fuck man
lorrik washes the plates and cooks the ribs masterfully
khoshekh is lazily watching the room
tani blinks not sure if zazussa is joking about the book name and just drinks
lorrik is a masterful cook ?
shesmetet ask if seia knows dimeo
zazussa refils tani’s cup, then says that there have been 5 or 6 signs of intrest!
zazussa gives a open ended flirt
seia says that dimeo may be related (or be) jinero, the devigard boss.. she is embarassed being caught red handed by her boss
shesmetet looks at seia and then dimeo
zazussa goes to serve gale
tani is stopped by awkwardness and drinks her fourth shandy
sapha takes the hankerchief shoving it into her pockets
gale is burning the stick at his table and orders tea and something to nibble
dariuss says that the hankerchief is for messes
dariuss points at her
zazussa ask what kind of tea he wants and if he wants a meal of fruit and cheese
tani walks upstairs wobbly
lorrik is as always a expert
shesmetet ask if devigard is pirates
dariuss wonders if the pocket bacon should be replaced with pocket popcorn
seia says that the boss dresses like a pirate anyways
gale wonders what kind of food will get him a green color
sapha shakes her head and looks at the handkerchief
tani sits on a sunchair on the balcony getting comfy
zazussa goes to cook
dimeo ask why he got up frowning
dimeo walks over to gale asking if the servers comming that way
dimeo is standing next to gale
sapha is tracking dimeo’s movment
gale introduces himself as a painter to the man brightly
zazussa moves around lorrik expertly as she makes food for gale
seia seems mad?
shesmetet wonders why seia’s boss is acting like that
dimeo introduces himself to gale as dimeo
zazussa delivers gale his food
gimeo ask for a refil from zazussa
tani falls asleep
seia says that jinero (her boss) always smile and is cool
zazussa gives dimeo a nod
dariuss tells seia to think about it
seia says her boss is not a fuckman
gale thanks zazussa
lorrik finishes up cooking and gives them the food
sapha is enticed by the ribs
zazussa gets rum for dimeo
dariuss continues talking abotu his popcorn pocket cooker
seia wonders why dimeo has a fuckboy haircut and when asked if it’s a wig says that she saw skin, not wig
zazussa ask dimeo if she should leave the bottle
gale starts painting
zazussa looks over at gale
dimeo shifts in his seat getting comfy
sapha waits for ribs egerly
gale is traveling light apperently
jinero has the same haircut as leng
shesmetet wonders why everyone has ponytails
seia is not sure why shes called it a pony
zazussa continues being a good bar worker
lorrik continues being overly fancy with his cooking
dimeo looks at gales canvis
seia says that her boss is a human and not a pony and does not have a tail
shesmetet imitates leng and explains that the hairstyle is called aponytail, seia says its a stupid name
dariuss is sad about his idea not being approved by sapha
khoshekh gets more drinks to drink
gale starts drawing with the charcoal stick
seia ask what the word in firrian is and shesmetet says it in firrian
gale has been scared of traveling lately
sapha considers dariuss and wrinkles her nose, she thinks the best snack is a apple!
dimeo is not sure why gale is scared and ask
dariuss wonders if a popcorn pack would be better
zazussa refils the drinks, leng’s is full even though he’s been sipping it slowly
khoshekh sips his drink
dariuss sudgest having a apple pack
seia repeats after shesmetet’s pronounciation of ponytail in firrian
gale says that 3 of his friends killed another friend of his, he got hurt and that’s why he’s scared. He tries to change the conversation
kuyo steps downstairs taking his hat off to wave the smoke away looking around
sapha empty’s the wine wayyy to fast, like grape juice
sapha thinks that a apple pack is a good idea because it’s a good fruit
shesmetet pronounces it again {ponytail but firrian}
leng meets kuyo’s gaze
dimeo seems intrested and ask more about gale’s situation
seia pronounces it right, shesmetet is happy
gale notices kuyo and waves excitedly
shesmetet grimices and looks away from kuyo
shesmetet is frozen by kuyo debating something
khoshekh drinks
lorrik continues cooking
kuyo glares at leng before glancing at gale
gale wonders why he would be pissed like dimeo sudgest
dimeo explains that gale should be angry
gale says anger solves nothing
dimeo says angery is good
kuyo is cautious of dimeo and steps over the counter
kuyo dariuss and onouris are in one place! villain hangout
sapha offers kuyo a apple
dariuss stares at kuyo
zazussa wipes things and does barmaid stuff
dimeo ask what came back from the dead
zazussa says that sapha will get drunk if she keeps drinking so much
kuyo senses something as he turns to the right
gale says his friend which dies is a necromancer and game back
sapha looks nervous at kuyo still offering the apple
zazussa ask kuyo what he would like
lorrik is still not done with his ribs
it’s been over an hour
khoshekh drinks as always
gale is incapable of emotions
shesmetet drinks her tea
seia wonders where her fuckboy boss was
kuyo spots the apple and rots it, in sapha’s hand
kuyo orders a lemon shandy and says the bar is smelly looking at sapha
dimeo says anger feels good
khoshekh looks over his shoulder wincing,
sapha wilts dropping her apple and slumping, she is sad
zazzussa goes to give kuyo his drink
khoshekh’s ears droop as he gets a vial
seia ask what’s happening as she’s given food
dariuss says that some people are just dicks and sapha shouldn’t worry
zazussa kisses sapha between her ears
gale has been abused due to anger so he is conditioned not to
lorrik explains the food to seia who does not seem to know what it is
dimeo ask gale if he practices martial arts hearing “master”, i believe gale means a different kind but sure-
sapha seems to brighten up getting ribs from leng
khoshekh’s table gets invaded by kuyo
khoshekh says he doesn’t want food
gale says he paints and gets beat up
zazussa leaves the bottle at the table
dimeo ask why gale gets beat up
khoshekh grits his teeth and ask what brings kuyo to said table
dariuss thanks lorrik
seia looks at zazussa and shes confused
indeed the weird men who came in seem to be working for darius as they feed him]
gale seems to have been a slave / orphan when he was younger
littlewolf ocmes in, she has a stabalizer and looks around standing in the doorway
zazussa ask shes and seia what they would like, shes ordering a whiskey
kuyo says that kho shouldn’t feel honored and that he’s only there because it’s full
seia orders vodka
shesmetet pushes her half drunk tea away
lorrik ask everyone to enjoy their meal
zazussa gets the drinks
khoshekh ask what kuyo wants
lorrik cleans what he used, zazussa whispers to lorrik that there’s more meat
kuyo says he only wants a seat to enjoy his drink and then throws his meat out the window when no ones looking
seia tells shesmetet that they drink
zazussa is a good bar tender as always
khoshekh seems to be stressed as he sits with kuyo, his jaws tensed
kuyo tries to make small talk
seia hisses at the burn of the vodka
shesmetet drinks and downs her whiskey
gale is drawing dimeo
zazussa ask if she should leave the bottles for seia
khoshekh say’s that the staff is fine with 2 poeple
shesmetet looks around the room
seia says yes to leaving the bottle, slurring
khoshekh say’s that he needed a break from cleaning up the barrels which broke from the earthquake
sapha finishes one plate of ribs and looks to the second wondering if she should eat it
lorrik is a idiot and sees sapha’s distress at having too much food as wanting more! leng disapproves
kuyo studies the marks on kho’s face
zazussa walks over to little wolf
sapha starts to down her second plate, having a third
zazussa ask if little wolf is here for pleasure of buisness, she say’s she’s just here for buisness (littlewolf)
seia refills her glass and drinks it
lorrik is cleaning up the food
shesmetet ask if seia wants to her to ask
khoshekh ask where kuyo is from
zazussa looks around
seia scoffs at shesmetets words but agrees for her to ask, shesmetet ask what her boss’s name was again
littlewolf says that if zazussa needs help she can
seia says her boss’s name is jinero
dariuss tries to offer his armor to leng
leng stares errily at darius
shesmetet goes over to ask
gale continues to draw
zazussa agrees to a break
kuyo says he comes from silent forest, he then says that kho’s mark is familiar
shesmetet greets dimeo
dariuss says that leng is probally too poor to afford it
leng just stares at his water silently
littlewolf calls the chef who takes hours too cook fancy pants with a suit
seia say’s “stupid fuckman” again
dimeo greets shesmetet saying hi
khoshekh says that kuyo probaly saw it a month ago
lorrik is introduced to littlewolf as a excelent cook
shesmetet explains that she’s here to ask questions for her friend seia
littlewolf sstarts working
zazussa finally gets a break
kuyo gives a ominous smile and agrees to khoshekh
dimeo does not answer shesmetets questions asking gale if shes is one of the people gale is afraid of
dariuss offers to sell a lower priced model to leng and leng just stares
dariuss laughs to himself and says of course leng would buy it, and compliments leng for conversation
sapha forces herself to continue eating the ribs
leng takes the extra plate and feeds it to his cat not wanting sapha to overfeed herself anymore
seia is still drinking and notices littlewolf
dariuss stops leng and leng just stares
sapha feeds leng’s cat food
dimeo ask gale again if shes is one of the ones he’s afraid of
leng continues holding onto lengs arm
sapha pats dariuss trying to calm him down
littlewolf and seia talk, littlewolf calmly
seia ask little wolf if she fights
khoshekh studdies kuyo
gale hides scared
little wolf says she prefers not to fight
kuyo ask which tribeland kho comes from
dimeo say’s that shes is scaring his friend (gale)
shesmetet tries to reassure gale
dariuss lets go of lengs arms and says its bad manners to take peoples food, leng just stares
seia wonders why littlewolf doesn’t like fighitng, since warborn are so strong
sapha gestures to leng and makes a heart, leng nods
sapha sips her tea
lorrik tends to sapha as a bartender
gale shows his spear scar saying he was trying to hug shesmetet
shesmetet’s tale lashes
dimeo says that people have it out for him to zazussa
shesmetet tells gale to not hug people holding spears
littlewolf explains why she doesn’t like fighting but instead labor
zazussa says that it’s her job to keep the peace
darius turns back to his food
seia says she fights and is very strong
sapha smiles at lorrik giving him a bow and blushing
shesmetet says that it was justified killing her brother because he turned into a tentical monster
kho says he has no home anymore
dimeo says that shes sounds drunk
littlewolf ask how much seia fights
shesmetet has had one drink total
zazussa tells shes to save it for another time
gale says even he would protect himself, then retracts that statment. He says what was done by onouris was only in self defnese
seia says that she’s killed many but hasn’t counted
shesmetet says that onouris was like that the entire time and thus she and wandy and friends were justified
littlewolf is impressed by seia’s bloodlust
dimeo shoos shes off
kho further explains his origins
seia flexes her tiny arm drunk
shesmetet glares at dimeo appologizing to gale
khoshekh wonders who is still up north, saying the ebonseekers possibly
lorrik cleans
zazussa gives dimeo a glare telling him not to agitate
dimeo says he was only defending a friend
littlewolf tells seia “nice muscle” before falling quiet
zazussa says that shes isn’t a dog
gale starts to cry
shesmetet is noticed by seia, seia says that her muscles are not normal
shesmetet says that it might have been a shapeshifter stealing jinero’s face
dimeo says that shesmetet was barking like a dog
kuyo comments on the northern region to kho
lorrik gives gale a cloth for his tears
zazussa ask dimeo to enjoy the rest of his night
littlewolf ask if anyone needs a refil
kuyo gives a sly grin and says that he would assume kho is from rookeborn
sapha gives a happy sigh as she kicks dariuss’s chair from under him
gale sniffs and cries
sapha seems proud of herself
seia says that she may have rejoined the freebloods if this is her leader
lorrik wipes the table
shesmetet agrees
kho talks about ebonseekers
dimeo says its never too late for a family and that he left his
dariuss looks at sapha and puts his hands up as he falls onto the floor, his ribs flying everywhere and into leng… who just stares
seia says that she kills for devigard and should be thanked
onouris walks downstairs in a hood
dimeo talks about “blood is thicker than water” and how people get it wrong
littlewolf cleans things up and offers leng a napkin
sapha is embarassed and sits down
dimeo was hit by a rib
onouris greets everyone with a hello
shesmetet is silent
kuyo keeps talking about the marks
leng tkaes a napkin from littlewolf
darius laughs lightly and talks to sapha
sapha gives a happy wave to onouris not looking at darius
onouris greets sapha
dimeo peeks under his table wondering if gale is okay
shesmetet is frozen
gale thinks that the rib was a attack
sapha gives nouris a apple
dariuss thanks lorrik
shesmetet looks at the onouris eyes locked
dimeo says that it likely wasn’t lethal
onouris reverses the rot on the apple making it new again
kho notices onouris and ask if he’s kuyo’s friend
seia looks at robed man
gale whispers to dimeo
zazussa ask if gale is okay
everyone is looking at onouris
sapha smiles and offers the unrotted apple to onouris
dimeo says the bar is intresting
gale whines about how shes might want to kill onouris again
sapha nods to onouris and takes his seat again
zazussa is not sure who gale is talking about, wanting to murder “him” again
seia tells shes to explain
lorrik looks at the apple curiously asking if onouris wants anything, little wolf frowns
onouris orders black tea, no sugar, leng approves of drink
kuyo is distracted before finally forming a connection between onouris and the hooded figure, he stands up from his seat
shesmetet seems shaken and dimeo ask onouris if he’s dead
khoshekh finishes his bottle
seia ask “why” when shes says she can’t explain
onouris says he is not dead
dimeo says that he is not dead telling gale that
onouris ask gale if he’s all right
gale is somehow wondering if he’s bleeding
dimeo ask if every night was like this
onouris observes gale
dariuss motions for one of the haranhi males to do something and that man whispers to the other one
zazussa says that tonight is a calm night
dimeo ask what happened last week
gale only has a bump
zazussa says that it was only a earthquake, redcoats, and also some angry guards
shesmetet tells seia to just leave it
dimeo laughs about the redcoats wondering what that was
zazussa says that she doesn’t know what the redcoats were
lorrik goes over to dimero gale zazussa and onouris
sapha does not notice dariuss’s conversation with her bodyguard, and or she pays no mind
dimeo says this is a movie theatre
lorrik cleans the books
seia whispers to shesmetet wondering what she wants her to drop
onouris heals gale
shesmetet tells seia to stay by her
dariuss seems to be making signs of casting magic
leng moves back seeing said motion,
zazussa says that this is pretty normal
seia wonders if shes is antisocial
gale thanks onouris
dimeo says he’ll be here more often
kuyo studies onouris
kuyo says that it’s been a pleasure and that kho will see him again soon
shes seems on guard of onouris
zazussa holds up the rib saying that it wouldn’t have killed gale, gale is weak
seia glances across the room curious
onouris says its better to be safe than sorry
khoshekh says that it’s NOW pleasure to what kuyo says acting shocked
gale whimpers still not getting over it after an hour or so
lorrik sends kuyo off
kuyo snerks at being called out
shesmetet says she doesn’t want anyone to get hurt anymore
zazussa gives gale a shrug
seia ask what “last time” was to shesmetet, shes just nods
kuyo says that he’s sure that kho is poisioning the drinks
kho calls after kuyo
lorrik tries to appear friendly
darius yells to kuyo that fresh water isn’t poison
gale says he doesn’t eat anything that has a face
dimeo warns of rib projectiles
zazussa tells everyone to enjoy the night
sapha gives kuyo a dirty look
lorrik says kho has been doing a good job
zazussa throws the ribs to cats outside
kuyo waves and leaves
onouris says he has bad teeth
shesmetet starts telling the story to seia… veryyy slowly
zazussa ask shes if she’s okay
little wolf ask if shes or seia need anything
gale says that lorrik is a good cook
shesmetet says she’s not sure if she’s okay
dimeo lifts two fingers to onouris and says “hey”, likely trying to get attention
zazussa wonders if onouris is the one they talked about (at another time)
dariuss says that atleast onouris isn’t looking for people to duel like a weirdo
onouris waves to dimeo
shesmetet confirms zazussas inquiry
zazussa ask if they want anything more
lorrik glances over kho and moves back wiping it down
shesmetet agrees for another drink shakily
seia drinks vodka and ask if she should beat onouris up
gale ask onouris if he’s been feeling better
shesmetet admantly says no to what seia offers, wanting her to stay safe
littlewolf heads outside without a word
dimeo ask what onouris’s story was
sapha wonders if she should join onouris/gale/dimeo’s converstaion
zazussa says that onouris hasn’t caused any problems so seia can’t start a fight
kho ask for a blue bottle from the bottom left
seia says that she works here so she can fight
onouris has broken teeth
onouris says gale probaly already told him and dimeo responds with “his friends tried to snuff ya?”
darius says that if sapha wants more she can just ask him, finally drinking his wine
gale pats onouris
sapha seems content
onouris says they tried, and that they were acting out of fear
shesmetet downs her drink
dariuss ask for a refil for his drink paying for it
zazussa counters with that she works there too and that seia should leave onouris alone
khoshekh thanks seia for getting the bottle
dimeo says that they only got half of onouris (?)
gale says he wanted to get it over with peacefully but no one listened
darius makes a motion and a L with his fingers and points to his guard, darius lowers his hand to the side
onouris says that they only got half and that he listens to gale (UNLIKE SOME OTHER PEOPLE)
seia sips her drink smiling at lorrik
darius says he cannot take free buisness, he is obviously pro capitalism
dimeo looks at the sketch of himself
gale says he’ll keep onouris safe even if he fails trying
dariuss says it’s a tip
onours says that gale will not fail
lorrik says he cannot take the payment
dimeo ask what caused the fighting
dariuss wants to tip
lorrik does cost calculations
lorrik writes down his calculations to the palm
kho reads the bottle text
onouris says that the fighting is because of a family feud
gale starts explaining blushing at being thought of as compitent
kho drinks
zazussa tells lorrik that kora has a safe now for money
dariuss insist on paying
dariuss raised his hands up making a fist and moved it towards the bar tracing the edge of said bars edge,
shesmetet stares at the drinking glass examining it
seia ask if shes wants to go
shes agrees
shes and seia start to leave
onouris says the feud is due to shes’s partner and a disagreement because of it
zazussa thanks lorrik
shes takes the whiskey bottle and leaves the coins not counting them
lorrik says that it’s his pleasure to help
gale keeps explaining what happened and how shes wanted to stab him and gale tried stopping her with a hug (of which he was rightfully stabbed)
kho falls off his stool
zazussa cleans the dishes
shesmetet says her home is in sunbite to seia
darius starts tapping his fingers 2 times, then every 5 seconds, then a 3 second delay, then 2, 4 times total?
lorrik walks out listening in shes and seia’s direction
dimeo says that one of the attackers was onouris’s sister?
lorrik ask the two leaving women for pardon
shesmetet drops her spellbook at lorrik’s call
seia ask what lorrik wants
zazussa cleans up for the night
lorrik starts talking in nuian to seia
onouris says that that’s basically what happened in short
kho pulls himself up using the stool
kho stumbles out of the palm
shesmetet frowns at lorrick
sapha frowns at dariuss and his hand signs
dariuss notices sapha’s frown and ask “what?”
shesmetet notices kho leaving
kho steadies himself on the palms front deck
onouris says surely shes didn’t mean to hurt gale
kho drunkenly wishes shes a good night, she says you too
lorrik appologizes for she’s distress
sapha studdies him with a flat stare before knocking dariuss over
takaris ask if kho is going to be okay
dariuss falls from sapha’s push and his wine goes up and back down onto sapha’s head
sapha catches the glass and looks down giving darius a betrayed look at her clothes, she blames him
onouris explains that they acted out of fear trying (maybe) to explain the actions of shes and friends
shes tells takaris that kho is just drunk
gale says the he also felt afraid but didn’t hurt anyone
zazussa offers a arm to help dariuss
takaris worries about kho
gale says fear is no excuse for violence
dariuss makes more hand signs and a okay sign to his guards
seia says that beer cat (kho) needs water and rest
onouris agrees with gale taking the moral high ground
dimeo drinks straight from the bottle
shes reassures herself that kho will be okay
zazussa wonders who’s pushing dariuss
sapha mimics dariuss’s gestures pulling off the soaked shirt in the bar trying to hide the fact that she was the pusher
takaris ask why they aren’t in the bar (shes and seia)
lorrik tries to take sapha by the arm and starts pulling her upstairs politely
shes does not answer takaris
seia calls shes scardy cat and that she’ll protect
shesmetet looks at seia
dariuss says that rice patties are pushing him
zazussa seems unconvinced
sapha cleans herself with her shirt
gale says pain is a cycle and that it’s your (himself and whoever hears) job to end it
sapha has a bra and alot of scars as she cleans herself off
lorrik pulls sapha up the stairs harder trying to get her out of sight
takaris wonders who shes is hiding from
sapha seems suprised and follows lorrik up stairs happily
onouris gives a reassuring smile to gale
seia ask if it’s okay to punch evil man
zazussa ask if sapha wants a room for the night
gale gives onouris a week smile as he keeps talking about the nature of pain and etc
dariuss goes upstairs and gets a room
zazussa writes that dariuss and sapha are staying
sapha steals the tiny raindeer off snowglobes
takaris enters extremely late
lorrik gives sapha clean shirts
leng waves at takaris
sapha picks a shirt
takaris and leng whisper to eachother
dariuss goes downstairs and makes weird motions to his guards and circles and etc
onouris says he enjoys meeting gale friends
dimeo says if gale ever needs help he can call dimeo
sapha is not sure why she needs to get cleaned
lorrik helps sapha get clean
dimeo pays gale a gold for the artwork
dariuss ships sapha x Lorrik?
onouris and friends talk about non lethal subduing technqiues
lorrik is gentleman
sapha glares at dariuss’s comments
zazussa keeps bar tending
sapha makes rude gestures at darius
dimeo starts to leave thanking zazussa for dinner theatre
zazussa ask if dimeo wants to pay his debts
gale smiles with the gold having food for the next few days
onouris offers to send gale food
lorrik is good parent and or lover of sapha (i can’t tell at this point)
zazussa says dimeo owes 50 silver, he pays with 1 gold telling her to keep the change
gale says he’s use to small meals (starvation)
zazussa waves dimero off happily
onouris sudgest eating more due to his weakness
dimeo says he might come again
zazussa ask if onouris and gale want anything more before she goes off duty
onouris uses magic to eat (?) the steak to its bones
end of notes at 12:00 est

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