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An hour of the palm (2/5/2020)

Today I spent an hour at the palm, between 9 pm est and 10 pm est, It was quite fun! Love is blooming, Bears are fuming, And i’m still alone :^) Won’t go to the date auction though- Leng

Leng attempts to poison lysander
Zazussa and tani greet eachother flirtingly
lysander orders sake
leng orders water
shesmetet enters and looks for a seat
shesmetet sits on the corner between leng and lysander
Leng greets shesmetet
Shesmetet is cheerful
Lysander ask shes’s name
Tani drinks shandy
Drinks are delivered
Khoshekh arrives
Zazussa ask for sheshmetet’s orders
Khoshekh already has his drink
tani is quiet
lysander greets khoshekh
lysander has been mentioned to shes by wanderer
khoshkeh greets lysander
Lysander and kho are friends
Kho likes lysander’s coat, shesmetet agrees
Kho raises his glass at lysander
Lysander is bashful at shesmetet
zazussa goes to make herself a sandwich
Lysander has been given trait “dashing” by Shesmetet and Khoshekh
Lysander blushes
Shesmetet orders cactusflower tea as zazussa makes a sandwich
Tani agrees with the title and gives lysander a teasing flirt and wink
Zazussa’s sandwich is left unmade 😦 a true tragesty on the level of the earthquake prior
Khoshekh orders coffee
Zazussa gives the drinks to shesmetet
Sandwich is finally made 🙂 all is right with the world
There is a a event over the weekend for speed dating, leng will not be participating
shesmetet has heard about speed dating events but never thought about doing it herself
Lysander ask more about it
gale enters with his black bear cub
zazussa is keeping vigilent watch of the patrons as she fears a ladybug, or perhaps earthquake
The registry for speed dating is likely to help refugees
samaela arrives and sits next to leng
tani notices gale and ask about his new friend
zazussa makes the usual for gale
bear is nameless
gale sits on a invisable seat
lysander is suprised by the bear
Gale says bear is skinny but its giant
cub nuzzles tani
tani pat
leng ask sam how her practice has been going
Lysander wants to pat bear but ask
Sam tries to order tea, she ask what kind of tea they have
gale allows the pat
Lysander gives bear attention
Leng has been ignored Mario game over sound
Sam does not know what the practice leng is refering to is
Leng explains and sam says she’s always reading
sam is learning to read without magic!
Gale is grabbing lysanders arms to force him to pat
zazussa makes tea giving it to sam
This is lysanders first time near a bear
Sam Thanks Zazussa
tani says the bear fits gale
gale says that the bears mother (now dead) was big, and starts to cry thinking about what he’s done
Shesmetet reassures gale
zazussa wants to give bear snacks
Gale gives her permission
Lysander ask gale what happened / what he did
Gale says it gives him nightmares and gale says kuyo called him a runt, bear needs to be fattened up
Shesmetet explains that the mother was corrupted by necromancy
Sam is intrested upon notice of what they were talking about
Lysander says food is good way to bond with animals
zazussa gets two sea bass’ and a jar of honey
lysander pats
gale recounts his story
shes ask sam who she was noticing she’s looking over at them
lysander says that the bear is in good hands now
Gale says that kuyo said that the bear may get infected too! And then says that ONOURIS may be able to help take care of him
Shesmetet and Samaela react badly to the name drop
Gale does not notice
Lysander Does not react happily either
Tani doesn’t mind the name drop
Eujene arrives !
leng greets and waves at eujene
patting giant bear time over
Bear is defensive about food, being use to fighting for it
Shesmetet ask if lysander is going to the speeed dating event
Leng is greeted back by eujene
sam greets eujene
Zazussa notices eujene
Lysander is busy and doesn’t want a date but may be able to make it later
Lysander seems to be a shy boi
Eujene walks over to sam and leng
Shesmetet gives a teasing comment to lysander
Samaela notices the lack of eujene having a scarf
Gale has giant shield and hugs Eujene
Eujene greets gale
Leng ask samaela if she was sure this was eujene due to his lack of scarf, joking of course
Lysander does the big bl00sh
Samaela takes the joke semi monotonely and leng awkwardly disengages
Gale tries to introduce eujene to his bear
Samaela never jest
Leng offers sam a snack, popcorn!
Eujene says the bear is cute
Zazussa does her job amazing as always
Sam rejects leng :((((
Tani is very quiet but happy as she watches zazussa work
Gale winks at eujene and looks into his pouch for something, he mentions how eujene looks “cold” (where da scarf?)
lysander says that he will join as long as he can support the palm and actually doesn’t need to date
Shesmetet says that it’s a 5 minute date thing so it’s not actual dating to lysander
Eujene gets chai tea from Zazussa
Leng mentions how he needs to leave and leaves
Gale drapes a scarf over eujenes neck, it smells like lavender!
Before leng leaves he hears zazussa talking with tani, he smiles at how cute it is
Tani is suprissingly cute and is just relaxing, she giggles at zazussa (OTP)
Eujene has reclaimed his scarf! All is right with the world
Lysander says bye to leng

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