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An hour of the palm (2/9/2020)

Here is todays sneak peak into what’s going on, from what I can piece together kora seems to be affected by something, the speed dating (the night before) seems to have gone badly in most cases, only 2 out of the 8 or so people enjoying it (I mean getting almost killed and drama, etc does that). Overall intresting

Leng arrives!and looks around the bar
The seats from the night before, speed dating, were still here
tsurae was in the corner seemingly looking at the books
tsurae sits down at the bar
there were 5 figures in the bar, renshien, tani, tsurae, patient song, and gale. Sitting in that order
Zazussa and kora don’t seem to be working the bar today
Perhaps upstairs?
The one looking through the books ask the warborn if she can sit, the warborn to her right being patient song
The bar seems to be up in talks about the festival, likely talking about the valentines event
Gale is blushing while tlaking to renshien, about something last night (the speed dating event), A possible relation?
Renshien seems to like the thought of a festival where people are happy
Gale starts talking about intercourse and how it’s a act of power and control with pain to renshien, leng is very confused about what is happened at the night before
Tsurae looks for someone working at the palm, no one is currently here
Patientsong is confused (?) about how gale characterizes “intimacy”
Renshien does not agree with gales description of what intercourse is but he says he can’t speak to what gale has experienced himself
Patientsong seems to be abit tense, she grips her teacup
Gale was sold as an orphan to a painter, he seems to have had some less than desirable experiences
tsurae seems to agree to what gale says, the power and control section. She grins
Patientsong seems to be sympathetic to gale
Gale seems to be glad that he is alives
fraxinus, a nuian arrives
renshien tells gale that his experiences aren’t how it’s supposed to be, as everyones experiences are different
Patientsong finishes her tea
renshien greets the nuian, who replies awkwardly
Tani starts to zone out
Vrekka arrives taking note of the inside of the palm
The staff seems to still be gone (?)
Wanderer is here with vrekka
Gale tries to question wanderer, Friendly like, Wanderer stutters and backs away bumping into a wall
Tsurae seems to enjoy the power struggle, thinking it’s part of the fun
Gale looks at wanderer with “puppy eyes” and ask if he did anything wrong
Tani waits for zazussa to come back
Tsurae plays with her cup
Tani is bartending??
Patientsong orders tea from tani
tani ask for frax’s order
Wanderer seems to have thought that gale was going to hit him??
Fraxus orders coffee
Renshien ask for water
Gale seems to be hurt that he thought wandy thought that he would hrut him?
Wanderer seems to be worried because of “what happened last night”
–> possible referal to “power struggle”?
Tani seems to not enjoy working at the bar
gale doesn’t remember what happened last night after wanderer stopped playing piano
something intresting / confusing seems to have happened as wanderer does not want to explain
the drinks are delivered
tsurae ask if song is selling her sword (mercenery work)
Renshien introduces himself to frax
Tani wonders if kora and zazussa are okay
Patientsong seems to be more or less okay
Gale has more questions to ask wanderer, they seem awkward
wanderer is still not comfortable
vrekka shakes gales hand
tani notices it’s almost time to leave
ren shien is first name last name
Gale ask if wanderer wants to sit
fraxinus blushes, elves seem to only use one name?
vrekka is body guard of wanderer (protective boyfriend?)
Tsurae compliments song’s outfit, wondering if she’s been eating
ren seems to be educated by the way he speaks and has a family name, he is a supporter of multiculturism
Patientsong says that adventuring is enough to feed her
Wanderer tries to explain to vrekka stuff about yesterday
Tani glares at ren
Gale offers to sit at the back booth, with the two “loverbirds” as gale called them sititng across from eachother
Renshien enjoyed lastnight it seems
Wanderer sits in the corner against the wall
Vrekka sits next to wanderer adjusting his weapons
renshien ask what they did not enjoy
Wanderer is still shaken
Tani is drinking on duty
Gale tries to ask wanderer if he can help ease his nerves, that was more important than the questions
Wanderer seems to just be… nervous?
Tsurae says that in her tribe that you must be useful to eat “No one will feed you if you are useless” to patient song
Renshien seems to be very social, he can understand the distaste though
Renshien ask what tani thought of the event
Tani says the event was boring for her, guessing the after event was more fun
Gale is not sure why wanderer is nervous
gale ask for wanderers name
he seems to have heard someone refer to wanderer by a name but wasn’t sure
Wanderers name is vahn draren
Tani sighs needing to leave, she hops over the counter leaving
Gale’s thoguhts were confirmed
Gale ask wanderer if he has a brother, wanderer says it’s complicated
Kora yells for tani to finish her shift
Apperently gale has met someone with green hair which wanted to kill gale
Zazussa goes to finish her shift
“Miahn” – wanderer ?
Kora heads downstairs
zazussa seems to turn away from wanderer when she notices him, how confusing?
Wanderer seems to have been taken control of by “miahn”?
Patientsong welcomes zazussa back
“anima” – more wanderer terms, likely alternate personality or something
kora’s cheek and neck seemed to be covered in long black marks, something is wrong?
Zazussa appologizes to song guessing that tani took over
Wanderer is worried about kora it seems
Gale seems to be sad to wanderer and sad to kora
A black monster gave kora those marks, she doesn’t elaborate more
Leng leaves, an hour of the palm is over for todayy

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